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Learn These 10 Tips to Store Cannabis at Home

The fresh smell of opening up a new cannabis pack is nearly addicting. But it won’t stay that way forever. When you store cannabis at home (unless you’re smoking it all immediately) you’ll need to find ways to preserve the freshness of those nuggets. 

We’re far past the days of keeping our greenery in rolled up plastic baggies. Abide by the following rules and tips in order to keep your cannabis flower as fresh as possible – even after an extended period. 

1. Humidity control (store cannabis) 

store cannabis
check out boveda bags

The right level of relative humidity, or RH, is one of the most important ways to keep your marijuana fresh. Dry weed feels harsh to smoke and loses its smell. It’s important to try to keep your weed in an RH between 59-63%, which will protect the appearance, taste, scent, and texture of your cannabis. You can do this with the use of humidity control packets – the most popular option to store cannabis would be Boveda packets.

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2. Keep it in a dark space 

store cannabis
try storing your cannabis under your sink

Apparently, nothing destroys good weed faster than light, since UV rays can break down the best qualities of your cannabis. Another important factor is to keep your weed in a cool place (lower than 77 degrees Fahrenheit). Both of these will make sure that the cannabinoids remain effective and stable.

4. Get a good stash box 

cannabis storage
stash your cannabis with keep

You’ll want a durable place to hold your weed that also looks striking. This stash box will help your herb stay in its dark, cool happy place. We strongly suggest investing in a smart storage system like the high tech, award-winning Keep box, (https://discoverkeep.com/)  which notifies the user if someone breaks in. It also has an integrated rolling tray and areas to hold various strains. This is the most technologically advanced way to store cannabis.

5. Freeze weed if you’re looking to store  over  a year

cannabis storage
freeze your cannabis

You may have seen some cannabis snobs look horrified at this idea, but if you really need to do, bud can be frozen for up to two years. The key to dealing with post-freezer bud is to avoid touching the nugs as much as possible, since freezing them causes trichomes and resin to fall off fast. When you take them out, let them thaw naturally. The top layer won’t be as pretty as it once was, but quality will pretty much stay the same.

6. Too much air or not enough

Learn These 10 Tips to Store Cannabis at Home 1
vacuum seal your cannabis

We know – there’s so much to keep track of when it comes to storing your marijuana. But exposure to air and oxygen can ruin your weed, so it’s important to self-educate. If you don’t have vacuum sealed storage options (though this is idea.) make sure you get an airtight storage container such as a glass jar. Choosing smaller jars will reduce air flow and excess oxygen that gets trapped in your container. Don’t crowd your buds, but don’t give them too much space! This is the most effective way to store cannabis if you are on a tight budget.

7. Don’t store with paraphernalia 

Learn These 10 Tips to Store Cannabis at Home 2
store your cannabis alone

It might be space efficient for you to store your cannabis flower with pipes, lighters, grinders, and other smoking accessories. But keeping these things separate is important. Otherwise, the aroma of your weed will be soaked up by these other items, leaving you with a smoking experience that’s unpleasant and bland. Only weed goes in the storage container – the rest can go in its own container. Less messy and more organized -a win win!

8. Don’t humidify with a tobacco humidor

Learn These 10 Tips to Store Cannabis at Home 3
do not store in tobacco humidfier

If you already own a tobacco humidor or like the look of one, you must be aware that the cedar wood used to make these boxes and enhance cigar flavor have unsavory effects on cannabis. The oil from this wood often absorbs into the marijuana, negatively affecting the flavor of the bud and even worse, degrading the terpene profile Terpenes are what give cannabis strains their effect and flavor/scent profile, so you’ll want to preserve those gems as much as possible. 

9. Glass over plastic

Learn These 10 Tips to Store Cannabis at Home 4
glass over plastic

Glass mason jars are a stoner’s best friend. Using plastic can seep low-quality chemicals into your weed along with creating a sweating effect. Glass mason jars are the next step up from vacuum sealed containers. You can often find them at your local dollar store. If you can’t find glass, ceramic is also a decent option. Also, plastic bags contain a static charge that can suck up trichomes. 

10. Putting fruit rinds in your weed is a no-no

Learn These 10 Tips to Store Cannabis at Home 5

If you decide that humidity packets aren’t worth the investment, please don’t put fruit rinds in there. It’s rumored to add some much-needed moisture to buds and a fruity essence, but you’re just increasing the likelihood of introducing mold. Keep that citrus peel out of there!