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5 Ways the CBD Community is Helping People Save Lives

5 Ways the CBD Community is Helping People Save Lives 2

The CBD community has significantly evolved in the past few years. As more and more states continue to legalize CBD products, more people are starting to use this amazing product for various reasons.

CBD benefits are many, and so are its side effects. As such, many people are trying to learn more about CBD products and their uses.

The ongoing research into CBD benefits and side effects has shown some positive results and increased media coverage. Besides, the legislation regarding CBD products has made these products more accessible. Read along to learn how the CBD community can help people save lives. But first,

What is a CBD Community?

In simple terms, the CBD community refers to the people who are passionate about CBD benefits and how it can improve people’s lives. They work hard to ensure that many people benefit from this plant’s health benefits. 

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Whether it’s CBD distributors, farmers, manufacturers, or researchers, they all play a huge role in ensuring that many people benefit from CBD. This has helped increase CBD awareness and CBD usage for a wide range of reasons.

CBD users can choose from a wide range of CBD products available – from CBD tinctures to balms to edibles to creams, among others. As long as you choose the best product and know where to buy CBD, you’re sure to enjoy the many benefits that come with it. To help understand how the CBD community can help save lives, we shall look at the fantastic CBD benefits.

Excellent CBD Benefits and Its Uses

Excellent CBD Benefits and Its Uses


Many good reasons have made CBD gain increased popularity. Some of the ways through which CBD can be helpful to your health include:

Can Help Ease Pain

The use of marijuana to treat pain dates back to 2900 B.C.

In the recent past, scientists have discovered that CBD and other components of marijuana could help ease the pain. 

Our bodies contain endocannabinoid (ECS), a unique system that helps regulate many body functions, including appetite, sleep, immune response, and pain. The endocannabinoids produced by your body are neurotransmitters that bind to cannabinoids in your nervous system.

Researches conducted so far have revealed that CBD can help relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, among other things. While more research is required to determine the potential CBD benefits and its effectiveness, here are some potential CBD oil benefits:

Arthritis Pain

A study conducted by the European Journal of Pain in 2016 showed that CBD oil could help manage pain for people with arthritis. While more research needs to be done, CBD oil has been shown to reduce inflammation and pain for arthritis patients.

Neuropathic Pain

Pain caused by damage to the nerves is called neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is commonly caused by infections like shingles, injuries such as herniated discs, and multiple sclerosis disease.

A 2017 study revealed that CBD could help reduce chronic neuropathy pain in humans. Another 2018 study found that CBD’s potential benefits for patients with neuropathy pain outweigh its side effects. Even so, more research is required to understand how CBD can help reduce chronic neuropathic pain, the risks involved, and the recommended dosages.

Chronic Pain

CBD oil can also be used to treat chronic pain in humans. Multiple studies have shown that CBD can help manage pain and reduce inflammation. The studies also found that CBD users are unlikely to build up a tolerance due to the CBD effects, meaning it won’t be necessary to increase the dosage after some time.

How to use CBD Oil for Pain

Most often, CBD oil comes in liquid or capsule form. You can also find CBD oils in the form of a cartridge that you can vaporize. To that end, here are some ways to use CBD oil for pain relief:

Sublingually: This involves administering CBD oil under the tongue. When you apply CBD oil sublingually, the active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, making it one of the fastest ways to experience relief.

Orally: You can also apply CBD oil to beverages or food and consume orally. Various factors such as metabolism, weight, and the type of food you’ve eaten will determine how long it will take for your body to digest CBD.

How to use CBD Oil for Pain


CBD capsule is the most common form of CBD oil for oral use. It may take between 15 minutes and 2 hours to feel CBD oil’s effects when consumed orally.

Topically: Another way to use CBD oil is to apply it topically on affected areas. It is an excellent way if you want to reduce pain and inflammation on achy joints.

CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety are common mental disorders in humans. If left untreated, they can cause far-reaching effects on your health and wellbeing.

The World Health Organization ranks depression as one of the largest contributors to disability globally. Anxiety is ranked sixth.

Traditionally, anxiety and depression are treated using pharmaceutical drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs can cause side effects, including agitation, drowsiness, insomnia, headache, and sexual dysfunction.

Besides, medications such as benzodiazepines are addictive and can lead to substance abuse. The CBD community believes that CBD oil can treat anxiety and depression. Many people suffering from these disorders might be interested in trying CBD benefits.

CBD for depression and anxiety can help release happy hormones as they induce feelings of euphoria.

CBD oil is also safe for use for children with post-traumatic stress disorder. It has also proved to help fight depression in adults. CBD can act on the brain’s receptors for serotonin to regulate social behavior and mood.

CBD Improves the Quality of Sleep

Having a good sleep is key to having a healthy and well-functioning body. People who get enough sleep every night are healthier, sharper, and more attentive during the day. On the other side, not having enough sleep can have far-reaching effects on your overall health and wellbeing. This is where CBD oil comes into play.

CBD is known to calm the nerves and give a relaxed mind. If you have problems like insomnia and sleep deprivation, taking CBD oil will come in handy. The body requires a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night, and CBD can help you fall asleep quickly and remain asleep.

CBD oil also plays a significant role in improving the functionality of the brain. It can also help treat diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

CBD Can Help Reduce Acne

Acne is a common skin problem resulting from the overproduction of harmful bacteria and sebum in the skin pores. It can cause outbreaks in the face, chest, neck, and even back. Some common acne causes include high stress levels and hormonal imbalance.

CBD oil can help treat acne and prevent future outbreaks due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can also help manage sebum production and facilitate the rejuvenation of body cells to cleanse the skin (both inside and outside).

CBD Can Protect the Heart

CBD Can Protect the Heart


Some researches on CBD have shown that it can benefit the heart and circulatory system.

As you might know, high blood pressure is linked to other health issues like heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. Lack of exercise and poor eating habits are some of the causes of heart diseases. Since most people are held in tight schedules, most of them are likely to fall victim to heart problems.

Nutritional oils like CBD oil can be an excellent alternative for people who are seeking to improve their heart health. It can help manage blood pressure, and thus, is helpful for high blood pressure patients. Since CBD is an excellent source of antioxidants, it can help remove any accumulated toxins and free radicals in your body.

CBD oil may come in handy if you’re suffering from heart attacks, strokes, and metabolic syndrome, especially when used regularly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are various ways the CBD community can help save lives. Whether it’s in health, empowerment, or CBD education, the CBD community has changed many things in life. 

Whether you want to use CBD oil for pain or CBD for anxiety, it’s vital to ensure you choose your product from the best CBD dispensary.