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OMG! Have You Seen Seth Rogen’s Office? Peek Inside

Peek Inside Seth Rogen’s Office

The one stoner that always inspires us is obviously Seth Rogen. We always wondered what his home life looks like … Well, now we can see his office house!

Seth Rogen’s creativity is always flourishing, throughout the years he’s proven that not only is he a talented actor that stars in the most epic films. But, also produces content that always leaves you with a belly full of laughter.

Turns out that Seth Rogen can also maintain healthy relationships with his friends and loved ones. Evan Goldberg being one of them, his friend of over 3 decades! 

Seth states that he met his friend Evan Golderbg at a dance floor during a Bar Mitzvah ceremony when he was 12 years old and the rest is history on how they both achieved such wild success.

If you’re not familiar with Evan Goldberg – he’s a screenwriter and producer that is responsible for creating legendary films such as Superbad, Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, Funny People, The Green Hornet, 50/50, Goon, The Watch, This is the End, Neighbors, The Interview and The Night Before! 

Peek Inside Seth Rogen’s Office with evan goldberg

Not only did Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg bring us the most iconic stoner entertainment throughout the years, from Pineapple Express, Superbad, This Is the End. 

Now they decided to bring their creative products into our home!

Both being cannabis ambassadors and lovers of the herb, they pronounced to put their innovative energy into a cannabis business. By creating a company that delivers cannabis home goods, called Houseplant

We love that these two keep advocating for cannabis and spreading worldwide awareness for the plant.  

Welcome to Houseplant

Peek Inside Seth Rogen’s Office

Houseplant’s name is derived from the company’s sale of both home goods, such as ashtrays and ceramics, under the “Housegoods” name (house) and cannabis products (plant).

According to the press release, Rogen looked at “hundreds” of cannabis strains before choosing three for the initial launch. The strains, Diablo Wind, Pink Moon and Pancake Ice, were named after weather systems in reference to the strains found in his 2008 film Pineapple Express. (How dope!)

In addition, Houseplant also sells vinyl mixtapes that correspond to and are meant to be played while under the effects of the initial three-strain line. 

OMG! Have You Seen Seth Rogen's Office? Peek Inside 1
vinyl mixtapes that correspond to cannabis strains

Recently, Seth Rogen shared with Architectural Digest his physical office where Houseplant is operated from! Check video here

We wouldn’t be surprised if Seth decided to launch his next career of being an interior designer – as his company’s headquarters looks and feels very retro and on point with his branding. 



You can tell that a lot of love and thought was placed into the environment of where he works from… (now we’re curious to see how his home decor looks… most likely custom work done by Seth Rogen) 

Gloopy 2 1728x
Seth Rogen’s original Gloopy Glaze

The place is immaculately decorated with, what else, a collection of vintage ashtrays, as well as Houseplant products.

“I found myself really struggling to furnish my home in a way that complimented the fact that I smoke weed all day, every day, and also the fact that I wanted to have nice things around,” Seth Rogen says in his office tour, showing off his vases and signature “gloopy glaze.” 

Peek Inside Seth Rogen’s Office

In between showing off various Houseplant products — a marbled rolling tray, a lighter that was apparently featured in a photograph with Beyoncé — Rogen stops to admire all his amazing art in the office.  

“And this is an orb I made,” he says, pausing for laughter. The orb looks suspiciously like a vase — with the shape of a slightly elongated snowman — and is lavender and green. In other words, it’s everything you’d hope an “orb” by Seth Rogen would be!

Houseplant’s is a cozy place that we wish we can work from too! You can see that this place brings a lot of creativity and innovative energy in the air. Not only does it have arcade games, and cornhole game in the backyard, but also has a hammock to chill out in. What a dream job. 

We can’t wait to listen to the 3 vinyl records, each record holds a unique playlist curated by Seth and Evan to pair different strains with the perfect mood.

OMG! Have You Seen Seth Rogen's Office? Peek Inside 2
vinyl mixtapes that correspond to cannabis strains

Our favorite product is the Large Striking Match Bundle – because that’s all we can really afford from his collection. Plus, this product was created by a happy accident and we love that about it!

OMG! Have You Seen Seth Rogen's Office? Peek Inside 3
Seth Rogen Showing
OMG! Have You Seen Seth Rogen's Office? Peek Inside 4
Houseplant striking matches

Let us know what your favorite part of the office tour was? And are you going to support Seth Rogen’s cannabis venture?!