• 7 months ago

Cannabis Caviar: The Most Expensive Strain in the World

cannabis caviar gold

So you think you’re a connoisseur of fine things, with your bottles of Moet, A5 Wagyu steaks and stash of 1998 Dom Perignon? Think again pal.

There is dispensary weed. There is black market weed. Then there is Cannabis Caviar Gold; the world’s most expensive cannabis strain sitting at $1,400 per ounce. Almost the cost of an ounce of pure Nevada gold.

So who can afford to smoke this green gold and how can one ounce of cannabis that mother nature has naturally gifted us cost $1,400 per ounce? What’s the catch? Before we answer these questions, we wan to jump into the creator behind the madness.

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The Creator

Silent Bob And Jay With Caviar cannabis Gold

His name is Mike Brunson (dude in the middle) and he is the founder of Caviar Gold Cannabis. For over 11 years Mike has been a pioneer in the cannabis industry, establishing numerous dispensaries, popular cannabis products and partnerships with some of the biggest cannabis influencers and celebrities in the market like Jay and Silent Bob.

Mike’s mission in life is to create the most potent cannabis products in the world for medical and recreational purposes.

91% THC. 4X Your Average.

cannabis caviar gold

Cannabis Caviar Gold is made through a meticulous, laborious and time-consuming process that emulates the same way some of our most favorite luxury wines and liquors are made. The process begins with hand selecting cannabis buds based on high quality requirements: THC content, smell, aesthetic and shape.

After each bud is chosen, it is then placed into a humidified room for 2 days to create the perfect moisture level. Next comes the fun part; each bud is soaked in a bath of super potent hash oil and then left to dry for several weeks.

Here are some cool facts we found when researching Cannabis Caviar Gold.

Slow Burning

cannabis caviar gold

One of the most noticeable advantages of Cannabis Caviar Gold (other than it’s 91% THC count) is that it is extremely slow burning and ideal for medical users or recreational users who are in search of a huge hit of THC over a long period of time. The sticky hash infused composition of the bud makes it burn long and sweet.

15 Minute Challenge

cannabis caviar gold

There are thousands of cannabis companies claiming to have the best of everything but how many of them put their money where their mouth is? Cannabis Caviar Gold created a challenge where you try to smoke a Cavi joint all the way through in 15 minutes. If you win, they give you a box of Caviar for FREE.


Do Not Use a Grinder

cannabis caviar gold

Unless you have unlimited amounts of money and don’t care about losing THC/bud then we highly recommend not using a grinder when trying to break up Cannabis Caviar Gold. The sticky and moist composition of the bud makes it unfriendly to grinders and the best way to break it up is to use scissors.

Buy Cannabis Caviar Gold

You can find Cannabis Caviar Gold at retailers across the USA. Visit this links to search for the closest store.