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5 Best (and Cheap) Cannabis Brands to Try in 2021

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The legalization of cannabis in Canada and the U.S. has led to a surge in the number of cannabis brands available on the market today.

The 2018 Farm Bill opened ways for the CBD industry that you could never think existed. Today, we are experiencing a rapid and transformation of laws across the United States and Canada.

As expected, as more and more cannabis brands are established, the price of marijuana is going down.

However, not all cannabis brands can offer CBD products at a lower price while maintaining the quality. Some CBD manufacturers will compromise on the quality to cope with the increasing demand.

In this post, we look at the best (and cheap) CBD brands you may want to consider.

Best (and Cheap) Cannabis Brands in 2021

Most cannabis users who use illicit cannabis do it because the products come at a lower price. Ideally, unlicensed cannabis comes at almost half the cost of legal cannabis brands.

Having known this, some cannabis brands have developed CBD products that go at a lower price. That way, CBD users looking for cheaper products will not be tempted to buy cannabis products from unlicensed cannabis brands.

To that end, here are the cheapest cannabis brands to try in 2021:


5 Best (and Cheap) Cannabis Brands to Try in 2021 2

The CBD business of Eyetoke has partnered with AKAI LIFE to provide quality CBD products at a cheaper price ($48). Whether you are struggling with anxiety, pain, or even cancer symptoms, AKAI LIFE CBD oil will come in handy.

AKAI LIFE has the best CBD offers for those looking for the best (and cheap) cannabis products. It is, however, important to note that the FDA has not evaluated these products.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a household name in the world of cannabis. Charlotte’s Web is now offering CBD products that include Orange Blossom, Olive oil, Lemon Twist, and Mint Chocolate.

At $71.98, you will get a CBD solution that includes a bottle of 17mg/1ml and another one with 7mg.1ml of any of the above flavors.

Daily Special

Daily Special is another best and cheap CBD brand on our list. Daily Special offers dried flower, Indica, and Sativa strains with 15 to 21 percent THC.

At $69.99, you will get 15g high-THC strains.


If you are looking for CBD products with various dosages on the market, Neorogan is the way to go. Neurogan ranges from 500mg to 800mg, meaning it is ideal for CBD users looking for the right CBD dosage.

It comes in various flavor options, including Natural Help, Citrus, and Cinnamon.

With a starting price of $29.95, Neurogan doesn’t hold back to becoming the most affordable cannabis brand. Whether you want Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum, Neurogan got you covered.


5 Best (and Cheap) Cannabis Brands to Try in 2021 3

PureKana is a popular CBD brand with a massive following on Instagram. It comes in a range of flavors, including Mint, Vanilla, Citrus, and Natural.

PureKana contains other beneficial varieties such as melatonin (sleep aids), and immune boosters, including lemon, orange, ginseng, pine, ginger, and Echinacea.

Pricing starts at $54 for a 300mg bottle. Besides, PureKana is known to set the bar when it comes to flavor and innovation.

Get the Most Out of Your Favorite Cannabis Brand

To enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, it’s imperative to choose the best CBD product. Among other things, ensure to ask where the CBD brand sources their hemp. This is critical since hemp plants absorb chemicals from the soil they are planted in.

To ensure that the CBD product has not been contaminated, choose a cannabis brand with third-party lab tests on their products.

It is also important to consider the CBD extracts available in a product. Is it pure CBD extract (CBD isolate), Full-Spectrum, or Broad-spectrum?

The overall strength of the CBD product is another critical thing to consider. Although a stronger CBD oil will help ease your condition quickly, it is not recommended to take more CBD than you need as it will make CBD side effects more palatable.

After choosing the best CBD brand, you can now enjoy your product without worry. However, ensure to choose the best bong cleaner to ensure your bong is cleaned appropriately. Whether you are using a homemade bong or a new bong, having an appropriate bong cleaner is appropriate.