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5 Amazing Countries to Cure the Travel Bug and Cannabis FOMO

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of staring at 4 walls and probably have caught a bug while avoiding Corona. Not COVID, but the “travel bug”. I want to see every corner of the world ASAP so I can take advantage of these all-time low travel costs. I would like to have my miracle bush with me for the experiences so I’ve put together a surefire list of countries you can visit and puff cannabis willingly along with some really sweet itinerary candy!

Ps. Make sure you avoid these countries when planning your trip!

#1 Northern Mariana Islands

This beautiful paradise was the first US territory to legalize Cannabis back in August of 2018, Northern Mariana Islands! By republicans at that, legal to sell and all! You’ll have to research the current travel restrictions but it’s definitely on my bucket list. If you make it there, you HAVE to visit Mt. Tapochao, from here you can see the entire island! It’s one of those experiences that humbles you and reminds you that you’re only but a speck on this floating rock.

Also, if snorkeling/diving is your thing, The Grotto is a place you won’t want to pass up. This beautiful Limestone underwater cavern is a definite hotspot with it’s crystal blue waters. Enjoy your greens with the blue (the good kind).

cannabis travel
catch some rays on the beautiful island of northern mariana

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#2 Beautiful South Africa

In September of 2018 South Africa became the only place on the entire African continent where cannabis is legal, but only when using in private. They currently have travel restrictions in place so, please research them when planning. There are certainly some adventures to be had, though! For starters, the island where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated for 27 years is located in South Africa on Robben Island.

Then, for all my Wine-o’s out there, Cape Winelands is also a great sight to see! The views are absolutely astounding! And “when in Rome” but in South Africa, be sure to see “The Big 5” (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, buffalo). You can do this at Kruger National Park.

cannabis travel in South Africa
make sure to check out kruger national park

#3 The United States Baby

If you decide to travel to my homeland, there are certain states within the United states that have fully legalized marijuana recreationally. They include Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, D.C., Colorado, and Alaska! For some itinerary stuffers the northern lights are amazing to view in Alaska. In Cali you have the breathtaking views of the hills and beaches. Also, in Nevada you can gamble, but save some dough for the devil’s lettuce!

cannabis travel
cannabis plant growing in oregon, united states

#4 Cannabis, steaks and Uruguay

On the East coast of South America lies a progressive country that was one of the first to fully legalize the green goddess, Uruguay. It became legal in 2013 by these fine folks. Just be aware that like most, this country also has current travel restrictions. If you do make it to this tropical paradise, be sure to visit Santa Teresa National Park where there’s a fort and you can camp, beach and/or explore the trails.

AKA a stoner’s paradise! You’ll also want to visit the natural reserve Isla De Lobos to connect with mother nature once again que the grounding. With all of the beaches and water, Gorriti Island is perfect for boating and body surfing the waves of these tropical waters.

Cannabis travel in Uruguay
imagine lighting up a blunt while overlooking the sea

#5 Canada, eh

Next, we have the birth place of Eyetoke.com, “The Great White North” aka Canada! I LOVE this place! The buds are a-bud-ant and you can have them delivered to your doorstep quickly with ease. It was made legal in October of 2018. When you pair the dank Cannabis with the dank views, you get pure heaven! Check out Banff National park if you’re ever in town.

Their site (https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn- np/ab/banff) says it best “Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, a picture- perfect mountain town and village, abundant wildlife and scenic drives come together in Banff National Park”. I always assumed the part of Niagra falls in NY was the best thing smoking but did you know about the falls on the Candian side, Horseshoe Falls? It’s MASSIVE! It’s one of 3 falls that make up Niagra and certainly a sight to see no matter the time of year.

cannabis travel canada
imagine looking at this high

During these times, although uncertain, the flights are INSANELY cheap even when you book ahead! You know what that means…..MORE WEED FOR YOUR TRAVELS!!! I always get anxious thinking about where I can legally carry my medicine and medicate but this information will be helpful when planning your future travels.

There’s a special sense of relief knowing I won’t have to resort to unorthodox tactics in order to outwit customs and the omni-scented pups who are on an everlasting search for Mary. They’ll give you up in a heartbeat and all for a treat!