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6 Best Methods for Growing Cannabis in 2021

growing cannabis

As more states legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana, cannabis enthusiasts are looking for ways to break into cannabis growing. If you are one of them, you have stumbled to the right post.

Whether you are growing cannabis for the first time or want to up your game, the below tips will be helpful.

The Different Ways of Growing Cannabis

With the many ways of growing marijuana, growing medicinal cannabis can be daunting. Choosing the best method depends on various factors, including time, money, and commitment.

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Although any of these methods has pros and cons, if you are a dedicated gardener, you will get excellent results from any growing method depending on your input.

After all, as with any other crop, cannabis is susceptible to different threats, including inadequate water, lack of proper inputs like fertilizer, and destruction from bugs and animals.

Whether you are growing cannabis from seed or clones, you must put in a little effort if you want a high-quality cannabis bud. To that end, here are the best methods for growing cannabis.

Growing cannabis outdoors

Outdoors cannabis cultivation is common for gardeners who want to produce a more organic product. CBD brands like Emerald Triangle in North Carolina are excellent examples of outdoor cannabis growers and accounted for more than 50 percent of U.S. cannabis production before legalization.

Benefits of growing cannabis outdoors include:

  • Low costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Big yields
  • Fun and relaxing

Despite the above benefits, growing cannabis outdoors can be a difficult method as cultivation is subject to weather and environmental factors. You could have poor results if the minerals and nutrients in the soil are out of balance

However, you can have rich, healthy, and larger plants if you provide the crops with proper conditions.

Indoor Cannabis Growing

6 Best Methods for Growing Cannabis in 2021 2

Indoor cultivation is ideal for growing medical cannabis as it gives cannabis growers complete control over the weather and environmental factors.

With indoor cultivation, your cannabis plants are not prone to unpredictable weather conditions like humidity, temperature, soil composition, and light. Instead, you grow your plants in consistent conditions that you can account for.

Among other things, indoor cultivation allows you to regulate your plants to meet medicinal needs.

Indoor cannabis cultivation is an ideal method for CBD manufacturers living in areas where outdoor cultivation is not applicable.

Greenhouse Cannabis Cultivation

Growing your cannabis crop in a greenhouse is much the same as indoor cultivation since both involve controlling environmental elements artificially.

With greenhouses, cannabis growers can farm all year as they can control key environmental elements, including humidity and light.

The light deprivation technique is especially important when growing auto flowering cannabis as it allows you to control the amount of light that your plants need when it begins to flower.

Growing Cannabis with Coco Coir

6 Best Methods for Growing Cannabis in 2021 3

Coco coir is the best cannabis growing alternative if you are looking for an inert medium that does not have the same challenges as ordinary soil.

Growing cannabis with coco coir is almost the same as growing marijuana in plain soil but provides more yields. Coco fiber cultivation requires fewer bugs and mess and is relatively cheap compared to other advanced methods.

The only downside is that you will require special cannabis growing supplies which might be costlier.


Hydroponics involves growing cannabis plants in gravel, with no soil in the mix. With this method, you will put the gravel in troughs or pots and pour water and special fertilizers continuously within the day.

Roots grown in hydroponics will have a bunch of small, clean hairs unlike those grown in soil that consists of a big taproot.

Cannabis grown in hydroponics will yield more and be cleaner since no soil is used. However, it will cost you more to build pumps, troughs, and reservoirs for the water/fertilizer mixture.


6 Best Methods for Growing Cannabis in 2021 4

As the name suggests, aeroponics involves growing roots in plain air. With aeroponics, you will hang a mesh basket in the air to hold your plants. You’ll then need to apply water and fertilizer over the roots continuously

Aeroponics produces faster and the biggest yield compared to other cannabis growing methods. However, as with hydroponics, this method is costlier as it requires more equipment. Besides, you need to keep nutrients and Ph. levels in proper ranges for optimal results.

Any of the above methods can produce optimal results if you follow all the farming guidelines. Among other things, ensure to choose the best soil for growing cannabis and grow lights. Common growing lights for cannabis include plasma, fluorescent, LED, and HID.