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Top 5 Things You Can Do Under Quarantine With CBD Brands

CBD brands, While the coronavirus spreads across the globe with lightning speed, governments everywhere are shutting down cities and implementing policies to make sure people do not gather in large groups. If you live in Europe, Asia or North America, chances are you are probably under quarantine or going to be.

Not having to go to work or school can be awesome, but after a long period of time you will begin to feel a bit stir crazy. So we’ve compiled a list of 5 things you can do under quarantine.

Fuck you Coronavirus.

Top 5 Things You Can Do Under Quarantine With CBD Brands 2

Get Incredibly High (CBD Brands)

This is an obvious one. You don’t have much responsibility right now other than eating, showering, and surviving a possible zombie apocalypse. In other words, it’s the absolute perfect time to get incredibly high. Roll up a blunt, roll up a joint, go and dig out that old bong with cobwebs. These next few weeks are going to be looooong.

Another great way to pass time WHILE incredibly high, is to entertain yourself with videos of people fighting over toilet paper. Have any of these people ever heard of wet wipes?

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Make Some Jungle Juice and Let Loose

Want to hear something scary? The average person spends approximately 13 years and two months of their lives at work. If you often put in overtime, you can factor in an additional year and two months. The average worker spends nearly a quarter of their time on the job during a typical 50-year stint of employment.

Fuck that right? Life is short and you need to take advantage of the good times…and the bad times. Here is a kick ass recipe that literally kicked my ass two weeks ago.
Get some friends together (select the healthy ones lol) or you can just get obliterated by yourself and make some Jungle Juice!

Watch the Entire Godfather Series

“So cliche”. Whatever. If you appreciate fine film then you would respect this suggestion. I was a late bloomer, I saw the entire Godfather series at the age of 27 and it was awesome. There is no cinema nowadays. That Hollywood algorithmic bullshit like Avengers and Hunger Games is a disgrace to cinema. That’s why i’m suggesting The Godfather, it’s a blast from the past and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how well made the movies are. Just give it a try.

Top 5 Things You Can Do Under Quarantine With CBD Brands 3

Get in Better Shape

Let’s admit something. Smoking a shit ton of weed does have it’s downside. You get ridiculously hungry and attack the fridge every half hour. While there is nothing wrong with snacking on Doritos dipped in cream cheese at 2am in the morning, you still have to maintain your health and get active. Especially now that gyms are closed.

For the last two weeks I have been working out from home and using this YouTube channel as a guide. Not only are the workouts practical (no one handed push ups I swear) but they don’t involve any weights. Just YOU and that body.

Take Some Mushrooms

Okay before you start calling us crazy…just hear us out. We are going through some turbulent times and it seems like the light at the end of the tunnel…just isn’t there. While the whole world watches this virus unfold, spread, and take lives; there is no doubt that there is a huge emotional toll being placed upon many of us.

With that said, it’s a perfect time to reflect on EVERYTHING, and what better way to do that than munch down on a couple of mushrooms? If you are a mushroom virgin then you probably do not know what we are talking about but if you’ve been around the rodeo before, then you know how profound and spiritual the whole trip and process can be.

Speaking out of past experiences, i’ve never in my life have thought so clearly then when I was coming off of mushrooms. I truly believe there is a good reason why they are here on this earth and if you look at the history of eating mushrooms for a psychological experience — it dates back before the days of good ol Jesus.

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