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4 Ways Technology is Shaping Cannabis Growing Process

4 Ways Technology is Shaping Cannabis Growing Process 2

Legal cannabis producers face many challenges in Canada and around the world. From high security requirements to varying government regulations to lack enough information on growing their crops – the list is endless.

Since growing cannabis has been illegal for quite some time, there’s limited research on cannabis science and technology and how growers can take advantage of it. However, as government regulations on cannabis change, cannabis technology studies are on the rise. 

More and more cannabis growers are now incorporating technology in their cannabis growing process. Whether you want to set a grow facility or have been growing cannabis for some time now, you can’t ignore the impact technology has on the grow facilities.

Here we look at how technology is transforming the cannabis industry.

Promotes Smart Farming

4 Ways Technology is Shaping Cannabis Growing Process 3

Technological advancements are playing a vital role in cannabis cultivation. With artificial intelligence, machines can learn from data and carry out specific tasks. Machine learning is a component of AI that allows computers to learn from past occurrences.

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Ideally, machine learning works the same as a music streaming service that recommends songs based on your listening history.

Artificial technology and machine learning are gaining a lot of popularity in cannabis cultivation facilities. Regardless of what you want to analyze, cannabis technology will come in handy. From detecting to identifying patterns and outliers, these computers can learn from your data throughout a harvest and put all information together.

Cannabis technology has also improved pest and disease scouting. Instead of trusting that your employees will scout your crops properly, you install “eyes” on plants all the time.

Programmable LED Fixtures

4 Ways Technology is Shaping Cannabis Growing Process 4

While cannabis enthusiasts have used light-emitting diodes for years, LED fixtures are a whole new level. Compared to any other technology, programmable LED fixtures will give you more control.

Most fixtures come with light-sensing equipment that helps maintain a set routine and coordinate the output. Most reputable CBD brands in Canada and the United States use this marijuana technology to enhance their quality and revenues.

Besides, cannabis fans can use these programmable fixtures to develop light recipes to boost strains’ growth. Thanks to technological advancements, cannabis growers can mimic sunrise, midday lighting, and even sunset. What’s more, it makes it easier for growers to take care of their products no matter where they are.

Big cannabis companies incorporate microprocessors, an application programming interface, and Wi-Fi capability to enhance the whole growing process.

CO2 Enrichment

4 Ways Technology is Shaping Cannabis Growing Process 5

CO2 enrichment is known to increase the rate of bud production and yields. However, many growers don’t integrate it with technology. They think that they have enough air in their facility and supplementing it is a waste of resources.

Integrating CO2 systems into ventilation controls allows cultivators to supplement CO2 without filtering the outdoor atmosphere.

When using these enrichment tools, be on the lookout for potential safety hazards such as propane, natural gas, or tanks containing C02. Educate yourself about the installation and operation of C02 equipment. Also, contact your local fire department before installing this system.

Input-Based Controls

4 Ways Technology is Shaping Cannabis Growing Process 6

Input-based controls is another popular trend in the cannabis industry. While growers have used greenhouses for years, they have become more prevalent in 2020. The system is designed to help growers control environmental sensors with ease. Input-based tools are data-driven and make all the necessary changes to the systems to ensure everything runs properly.

Once you integrate input-based controls, you’re sure to meet all requirements for the best CBD products. Since this technology is versatile, you can match it with any grow room or greenhouse. Besides, you can incorporate input-based control with all greenhouse technologies.

You will keep your plants in an ideal environment no matter the stage of development. It also gives you the freedom to step away from the system without worrying that anything will go wrong. The system will do a lot for you while keeping you updated.

Final Thoughts

Technology is playing a vital role in shaping the cannabis industry through innovation. Whether you’re a CBD grower, CBD Manufacturer, or distributor, you need to embrace the science of cannabis to ensure you get the most out of your CBD business.