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Is It Legal To Grow CBD Plant At Home? (Truth Spoken)

Many of us are fuzzy about this riddle that whether is it legal to grow CBD plant at home or not?

As most of us already know that CBD oil prepared with the blend of any carrier oil and industrial hemp is fully legal and is legally available in most of the American states.

Cbd Plant

Still, this one question: is it legal to grow CBD plant? keeps hitting our inbox regularly by our valuable subscribers.

At this stage, that one thing about which we all should be clear that there is nothing such as “CBD plant”.

CBD is a derivative coming from the hemp plants!

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The marijuana tree contains a non-toxic compound called Cannabidiol from where CBD is actually extracted and the same compound is vastly available in the hemp plant.

In this write-up, we will be solely talking about whether is it legal to grow the hemp plant (or CBD plant, what mostly think :p) in the United States or not?

We have already published a detailed post about the legality of CBD oil in all 50 states of the US, including the list of states where CBD is legal.

but this will focus on the growth of hemp!

So the question remains the same!

is it legally allowed to grow hemp plants anywhere in the states?

The farm bill of 2018 made it legal for anyone to grow industrial hemp on the federal level but only for the “commercial purpose”.

Usa States

But, as far as the sale & purchase of CBD oil is concerned. The case is not the same!

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State laws for CBD differ from state to state depending on the THC level and its complexity.

20th December 2018 is that historic date when hemp was given legal status under the farm bill signed by Donald Trump. After this act, the hemp was removed from the list of prohibited substances and was included in the list of agricultural products.

Can you grow hemp at home? (a.k.a the CBD plant)

It is clear cut!

You can easily grow industrial hemp for commercial usage after getting a proper license from your states’ department of agriculture. Keeping in mind the THC value of 0.3% or less to keep it legal!

The farm bill law doesn’t define any legislation for the domestic growth of hemp.

Grow Cbd At Home

Therefore, if you are living in a state where growing marijuana domestically is not allowed then you are also not allowed to grow hemp at home.

BUT, if you are living in a state such as Colorado where the state has allowed cultivating cannabis for recreational purposes then you can grow hemp at your home easily.

For knowing the status about your state, see our bold italic line above! ☝️

Take Away!

It is so obvious now that if you are living in a state where cultivation of marijuana is not allowed on any level then you cannot grow hemp nor commercially nor residentially either!

In the meanwhile, the residents of states including Colorado, Oregon, California, and Washington are lucky enough for being permitted to cultivate CBD rich plants.

Growing marijuana in all four states is also legal, therefore, you can grow the hemp with high-CBD strains at home as well, keeping in mind the state laws such as: keeping it hidden from view, having a controlled THC level etc.!

Otherwise from these states, you can still grow hemp on commercial level after getting a license from the drug administration of your state. 🙂

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