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How To Grow Marijuana Indoors Grow Your Own Weed

Grow Weed Easily

It doesn’t matter what kind of marijuana enthusiast you are, it’s super easy to grow your marijuana plants indoors.

Finally you can become a farmer of your own indoor marijuana garden.

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You can start growing your marijuana indoors with a single grown tent, a grow box or even a full scale commercial factory – it all depends on how much marijuana you want to collect at the end of the day. 

Cgk Small 400 Hydro Kit
Grow tent for your indoor marijuana plants

By setting up your own growing space it will determine your final yielding results. 

So stop worrying what the weather will be like tomorrow, and start growing your favourite marijuana plant indoors with these simple instructions. 

Step 1: Lights, Camera, Action to Grow Indoors

Light is the most important ingredient in growing your marijuana indoors. Your favourite bud needs light in order to carry out photosynthesis. 

BUT, the irony of this, is that you have to find a room that is actually completely lightproof, (that’s why you see a lot of people like growing their marijuana in the closet.)

By having a room that is completely lightproof, it will give you a better advantage. And as a farmer you’ll be able to decide when there needs to be light and darkness. 

The reason as to why it’s important to control how much light your marijuana gets is due to the vegetative phase. 

In the vegetative phase – your plants will need around 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. 

However, when they reach the flowering phase – they will need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. 

So, make sure to get those LIGHTS!

What Type of Lights:

  1. It’s up to you to choose between LED or HPS/MH lighting, 
  2. 400 watt for vegetative phase 
  3. 600 watt HPS for flowering phase
  4. Invest and get yourself LED lamps as they will last forever
LED lights to grow marijuana indoors

Also, make sure that your walls are surrounded by a reflective wall. The logic here is that white walls are great reflectors, as dark walls will only absorb all the light. 

reflective wall to grow your indoor marijuana

Step 2: Make Sure You Always Vent When Growing Indoors

Another key thing to growing marijuana indoors, is that the room where you’re growing needs to be airtight

  1. Grab yourself a carbon filter – this way all the outgoing air will pass through the filter.
  1. You will also need an air extractor – this will remove all the heat that’s produced by your bright lights. It will also keep the temperature at the right level.
  1. Make sure there is a hole in your grow box, during the photosynthesis phase the plants will need carbon dioxide. This will provide fresh air for your marijuana babies. 
  1. Have a fan always on for consistent air circulation. 

Step 3: Keep Your Indoor Marijuana Hydrated When Growing Indoors

Don’t worry, things can get messy sometimes when you decide to grow a marijuana plant inside your close – expect some water to run down from your pots to the floor. 

So, it’s best to always have everything prepared. We advise to get some waterproof floors. 

Here’s a pro tip if you want to grow your marijuana within a hydroponic system

Step 4: Watch Your Temperature When Growing Marijuana Indoors

In order for your plants not to get overheated by the LED lights, make sure there is always a good amount of air circulation going and a fan nearby. This will avoid the problem of overheating. 

During the photosynthesis phase, temperature is a crucial aspect of your marijuana plant tasting and looking good. 

It’s important to balance your temperature to the hours of light and darkness your marijuana plant gets. This means, you’ll want a higher temperature when it’s the lighting time. 

Best temperature is 25 C (77 F) 

Don’t go below 17C (64 F)

Don’t go over 30C (86 F)

Step 5: Get Your Nutrients for Indoor Grown Marijuana

Nutrients are always important when it comes down to a living organism. So, make sure to give a little love to your marijuana plant by feeding them: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. 

This will all depend on your marijuana plant and cycle, from there on you will evaluate how much your plant will need nutrients. 

Please don’t go overboard and feed it slowly. 

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Make sure to keep your growing space secure, keep it away from any pets or insects. Play some tunes for your marijuana plant and enjoy the whole gardening process. 

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