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Discreetly Use Weed – During Holidays! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Discreetly Use Weed – During Holidays! Ho! Ho! Ho! 1

Who doesn’t love the holidays? At the end of the day, it’s always so nice to unwind and celebrate the winter season with your favorite friends, family and loved ones. 

Even if you don’t have anyone immediate to celebrate with, just put on a cozy show and get festive with yourself, you deserve it!

Unfortunately, sometimes the holidays can also get a bit chaotic and dramatic. Especially when you’ve found yourself committing to a party that you were barely looking forward to going too.

Or you’re actually enjoying a shared experience with your loved relatives, but they are just a bit old-school and don’t realize that weed can actually be medicinal and spiritual for some of us. 

So… you gotta find ways to enjoy your holiday-zen times, while at the same time giving others their respected space to experience their sober journey. 


Well, no worries, I’ve found some solutions! As I have been in both situations, and as a person that enjoys weed during the holidays I have found brilliant ways to discreetly use weed during this season! Ho! Ho! Ho! Happy Holidays! 

Switch to Edibles


Making edibles is actually very therapeutic and effective. As the edible can also last long and can be quite potent, it’s an adventure to weigh out the measurements/doses of how much you want to consume. 

(Just the other day – I ran out of my herb and remembered that I made a batch of edibles a few weeks ago. It was delightful to remember that I had some stored in the fridge. I was able to discreetly nibble on the corner of my coconut gummy edible, and no one knew that I just bit into my groove!) 

Plus, there’s no vapor that comes out, and there are no devices needed making it a perfect opportunity to be super discreet using weed. 

Just make sure don’t leave the edibles unattended as they look super appetizing. 

Edibles can be incorporated into: gummies, drops, chocolate confections and mints, it’s as easy as popping one in your mouth and enjoying the experience without anyone noticing.

It can’t get easier than that on being discreet! 

Also, edibles are a healthier option as opposed to smoking. As it doesn’t irritate the lungs or throat. With edibles, the most important rule is to go low and slow. Don’t rush the experience, especially if you are in an external space during the holidays – watch out for your surroundings, be smart and vigilant with your surroundings. 

Begin with a small portion of eating your edible and wait for a minimum of 20 minutes before eating any more. 

Many people take a microdosing approach, and there’s nothing wrong with cutting a 10 mg edible in half or even in quarters and seeing how it affects. One piece at a time over the course of a few hours. Enjoy the show, appreciate it, soak your surroundings and truly feel all those holiday vibrations!

Get Yourself a Present: Vape Pen


You will need this tool not only for the holidays, but for every occasion! As the vape pen lets you feel the weed’s properties while at the same time avoiding the weed smells. Making it super discrete to puff a bit of vape even inside without anyone baiting your scene. 

This will be the perfect time to sneak to the washroom and get yourself collected with the vape pen. Plus, the washroom will smell even better than when you entered!

With vape pens you’re also able to consume the amount you desire, the dosage control will be key to staying discrete during the holiday times. 

In the long term the vape pen will be worth the splurge, especially if you’re a frequent smoker. As this will actually be a one-time investment that will last you longer than conventional methods. 

Make a Sploof!


Not sure about you, but during my younger days this would always be my saver; sploof aka bounty roller. 

Instead of blowing smoke out the window, as this won’t be discreet at all! Or taking your entire head out, you can instead concoction a Sploof! 

All you need is the paper towel roll/toilet paper roll and stuff inside with dryer sheets that smell nice. You can also fasten the dryer sheet to the tube roller using string, tape, or an elastic band. This should help you blow out a nicer smell of weed. 


The possibilities are endless on creating a sploof by using a variety of materials. It also depends on your budget, filter preference, and how long you want to keep this sploof with you.

During my past years I would keep the bounty roll sploof for 1-2 sessions and would need to recycle to the next after those smoke breaks. So, you can always prepare a sploof and stuff it in the back of your pocket. Or, keep it in your purse for occasional use. 

If you want something long lasting and more mature – you can check out this sploof!

This Wood Smokebuddy is a handy, and reliable, life saving air filter. Simply exhale your smoke through your easy-to-use Smokebuddy and odorless air comes out the other end. 


Smoke where you want, and when you want without anyone knowing. Keep second hand smoke away from friends, family, and neighbors with your Smokebuddy. 

The Wood Smoke buddy is for those who like to live life as though they’re in the wilderness but still staying inside and smoking safely! 

We hope these methods help you out during the busy days of using weed discreetly during the holidays! Staf safe and remember that you can always excuse yourself from the gathering and go for a long walk with you and your Mary Jane.