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5 WTF Sexual Traditions From Around the World

The world is a fucked up place and sexual traditions is no stranger to it. From one night purges where you can have sex outside your marriage to drinking the semen of your superior elders. Here are the top 5 sexual traditions your should never try. Unless you are super freaky.

PS. Read this high and if you want munchies we got you covered!

The One Night Purge

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Indonesia is a weird place. Get caught with a single joint and you end up on death row. Speak rudely about the leader of the country and you get thrown in jail for life. Then there is the Pon Festival that takes place every year. Couples and strangers in search of better luck and fortune make the journey to Mount Kekumus to have sex, even outside marriage. Strangers, bodily fluids, orgies…all…legal?

Sex With a Grandma

5 Rites Sexuels Fous Dans Le Monde 1900x1062 C

Mangaia, one of the most southerly of the Cook Islands, is an island that can only be described in one word, WEIRD. In their culture, boys and girls are strongly encouraged to masturbate and have as many sexual partners as possible until they get married. Definitely one of the weirdest sexual traditions.

Wtf? It gets weirder.

When the boys turn 13, they under go an operation known as a “dorsal slit”, a super incision that slits the top of the foreskin along its entire length. Think of a Banana peeling. The super incision is usually done by an expert.

So much weirder.

A couple weeks later, a sexual ceremony is held where the experienced older women have sex with the boys; symbolizing the boys transition into manhood.

Keep it in the Family

One Wife For Several Husbands In Himalayas

Fraternal polyandry is a form of polygamy in which two or more brothers are married to the same wife, with the wife having sexual access to them. It is practiced among Tibetans and in certain parts of China. This tradition is founded upon the belief that a child should have more than one father.

The practice is also found in small villages in India where people identify their customs through their dissent from Draupadi, an Indian heroine who was married to five brothers at the same time.

That’s Not a Glass of Milk


The Sambian Tribe of New Guinea have a sexual tradition that makes drinking raw egg yolks sound like a walk in the park.

The ritual, which signifies the boy’s rite of passage to manhood begins between the ages of 6-10. The boys are taught how to detach from their mothers and women and prove their masculinity.

The tradition begins with a sharp stick of sugarcane inserted deeply into the young boy’s nostrils until he begins to bleed. Then the young boys are introduced to older warriors in the community who “help the copulate”, symbolizing “growth”.

Part of the act requires the boys to perform fellatio and ingest semen as it is seen as an integral part of manhood and maturity. According to Sambia belief, the semen of a man possesses the ‘masculine spirit’, which young boys will be able to attain through his ingestion of semen. Definitely one of the weirdest sexual traditions.

A Sweet Tasting Apple

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Whip cream tastes delicious on any body part but what about apples stuffed under a pair of sweaty armpits? Still sounds delicious right?

The bizarre sexual tradition started in the 19th century in rural Austria. Eligible girls would attend dances and keep an apple slice under their armpits. At the end of the night, the girl would approach a gentleman who caught her eyes and offer him the apple slice; if the feeling was mutual, he would take a bite.