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3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Various Body Pain

Body Pain, Honestly weed is the most rad thing that’s ever grown! Not only is it amazing to indulge in recreationally. However, different type of weed strains also acts as the most common application that is used to combat awful pains. 

Weed can be used to combat awful pains such as; inflammations, headaches, muscle soreness, spinal injury, fibromyalgia and even those awful monthly cramps! 

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3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Pain

(Trust me there’s more types of pain that weed can combat, but we don’t want to bore you now….) 

The most neat thing about weed is that there are over 100+ strains and many of them can combat your awful pain. Pretty sweet!

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In order to get the ultimate experience, don’t be shy about experimenting on hybrid types of weed strains. 

It’s the best way to combat your awful pain. Look for weed strains that have a balance of THC and CBD (if you zoom in onto your weed strain under a microscope it should look like a cluster of diamonds in a mix of a circle). 

Also, studies suggest that terpene caryophyllene weed strain is the most amazing way to relieve your awful pain and inflammation. *Bonus advice, it should be a burgundy-maroon coloured. 

Read more below on the top 3 rad weed strains that can combat your awful pain! 

3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Pain

Rock & Roll Your Pain Away with ACDC:

No wonder ACDC is named after a legendary band. This rad weed strain is known for its heavy CBD content, its primary terpenes are made out of myrcene, pinene and caryophyllene.

It’s also predominantly composed of CBD, this will totally activate your system to jam out and heal itself inside-out. Try this medical-groovy weed strain and experience pain-relief without the prescriptions.

It’s jam packed with CBD that helps combat with physical relief while giving a total sharp-focus and concentration. It’s a perfect way to enjoy being productive while combating your awful pain. 

3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Various Body Pain 2
3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Pain

Blueberry Kush, Yum, Yum: 

Melt away into a parallel dimension with this rad weed strain, it’s one of our favourites…

The blueberry kush. It’s no wonder there’s a whole song dedicated to this weed strain. Individuals who want to combat their pain away with a little bit of euphoria, bliss and a dreamy high then stop waiting and light up your blueberry kush, yum-yum.

Nothing is hard about this weed strain, as soon as you light it, you will be transported into a field of blueberry kush fields and it will help you escape those awful stomach pains, throbbing headaches and anything else that was agitating you ten minutes ago.

You already might have guessed it that it’s primarily dominant of THC. Also the weed strain’s content includes; myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. 

3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Various Body Pain 3
3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Pain

Get Saved By Your Fav Girl Harlequin

Woke up with an awful pain this morning? But, you got responsibilities, flooded with work, dogs are barking – everything feels like a mess?

Don’t worry Harleyquin will save the day with her rad weed strain. Due to her components being made out of high-CBD strain; she will uplift you, clear your head and set you in the right direction.

It’s the perfect daytime use to combat those awful pains. Stop medicating yourself with horrible heavy-infused chemicals and instead enjoy an uplifting high with Harleyquin. 

3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Various Body Pain 4
3 Rad Weed Strains to Combat Your Awful Pain

We honestly hope that these weed strains can combat those awful pains away and that you’ll be able to enjoy your health. It’s always important to look after yourself and do more research. Weed has been proven to combat chronic pains and we are excited to try all strains and let you know our experience.

Hope you enjoy these weed strains that are mentioned above and tell us which one is your favourite! ~ 

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