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Hemp Groups Taken On Board By White House!

The three leading hemp groups from the states were recently called on by the white house administration to carry out a policy discussion over the pending issue of CBD Enforcement Policy submitted a few days back by FDA.

Hemp Groups

FDA keeping in mind the increasing demand for hemp and its derived products submitted this draft policy to the White House administration.

Also, the hemp groups from the industry were also demanding for a regulatory policy so they can easily deal with the products.

This Cannabidiol policy document was officially submitted on 22nd of July by Food and Drug Administration.

Hemp Groups: Who Are Invited & What’s The Agenda?

The delegation from the three groups including The National Industrial Hemp Council (NIHC), Ziese Farms and U.S Hemp Roundtable will be going to meet the White House administration and a detailed discussion will be carried from all perspectives regarding the regulatory, enforcement policy, guidance for the hemp and its derived product like CBD.

Cbd Enforcement Policy

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This detailed meeting is supposed to be held in the coming days yet no official date has been announced.

The CBD enforcement policy draft was submitted to the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) through an agency that hasn’t released any details yet.

The buyers and the sellers from the hemp industry are anxiously waiting for the policy document to get finalized so that they can freely market the edible and dietary supplements derived from hemp that were previously legalized by FDA under their 2018 Farm Bill.

Reportedly, the FDA committee and the invited hemp groups are going to share the valuable insights with the admin of OMB for regulating the policy for hemp products.

This meeting is also going to have a word on the needs and wants from the consumer end and the hemp groups are going to advocate the issues faced by their industry.

Jonathan Miller, general counsel for the U.S. Hemp Roundtable in an interview given to Marijuana Moment said: “My focus is going to be on ensuring and urging the White House and the FDA to provide regulatory certainty for the sale of CBD products and to provide a safe harbour for products that are manufactured according to all other FDA requirements.

We want to create a clear and legal place for companies that are doing everything they can to comply with FDA regulation to sell their products while a more formal rulemaking might transpire.

We’re cautiously excited that this is the beginning of some real change and are excited to play our small part in affecting that change.”

Similarly, the spokesperson at NIHC Larry Farnsworth said: “Hopefully these meetings are the first step towards regulatory certainty for the industry and consumers who want to use safe CBD products. We’re going to continue leading this discussion and working with federal regulators on an enforcement discretion policy that includes clarity on testing, pesticides and product labelling.”

What To Expect From These Meetings?

These table meetings are itself a great achievement for those who have been struggling since long for getting hemp a fully legal status.

This policy document by FDA is not only going to benefit the businessmen dealing with the hemp products but the end-users who will also be able to get safer products once the regulations are passed by the decision-makers.

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Also, we all CBD lovers shall appreciate the FDA and other stakeholders including the mentioned hemp groups for the positive and productive role they are playing for the compilation of rules and regulations in the hemp industry.

This will enable us all to get the most authentic hemp and CBD products which are going to be really beneficial for our health. ❤️

Till then, smoke the puff with what you have! 😃