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Did Queen Victoria Smoke Weed? Only one Shocking Reason!


That’s right, Prince Harry wasn’t the only monarch to dabble into the world of cannabis. 

Recent historical-literature has been uncovered, and it seems like Prince Harry’s great-great-great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria, also liked to smoke weed. 

Not only did she defy cultural expansion and advance the industrialization era. 

She was also a woman ahead of her times. 

Did Queen Victoria Smoke Weed? Only one Shocking Reason! 1

George Washington was also a stoner. What’s up with all these rich folks?

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She knew exactly how powerful cannabis was for the body and would use it recreationally and medicinally once a month. 

So, why did she light up the joint and unwind only once a month? 

If you’re a woman, than you must have guessed the answer already. 

Queen Victoria suffered menstrual pain just like the women of today (40% of American women suffer from cramping and other symptoms due to menstruation. And more than 10% of these women are incapacitated for 1-3 days due to extreme pains.)

The monarch’s personal physician, J.R. Renolds would prescribe cannabis to Queen Victoria in order to alleviate her pain. This evidence was found in one of her medical journals. 

The uterus is full of cannabinoid receptors, a part of the endocannabinoid system through which marijuana acts.

It was believed to be the “medical wonder” as stated in her journal because it would alleviate her excruciating pain and bloating. 

Also, during the 1840’s weed was used for stomach ailments, and due to the consistent use, medical practitioners uncovered that it’s also a great way to treat; hydrophobia, tetanus, cholera and convulsive disorders.

So, there you go! Next time you have the stomach flutters, bloating, or unpleasant cramps – roll yourself a nice joint and read some historical facts on your favourite monarch!

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