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Best Bongs: Is this $600 Glass Bong from Dr. Greenthumb Worth it? Find out.

Touted as the Tesla of Bongs and rated one of the best bongs by the honorable Snoop Dogg, the Dr. Greenthumb’s X Stündenglass anti-gravity bong is something out of a James Bond movie.

The 360° rotating glass bong generates kinetic motion through the displacement of cascading water, opposing airflow and the natural force of gravity to create one of the smoothest rips known to mankind.

Beyond the science is a sleek aesthetic which is constructed using the highest quality materials, including super rare borosilicate glass and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.

But it begs the question, is it worth $600? Is it one of the best bongs for the price? Here is my review.

best bongs on Amazon

One of the best bongs i’ve ever used

As a regular bong-smoker for more than 20 years, I can confidently say this one of the best bongs I have ever used. The packaging and unpacking experience was similar to that of an iPhone and the weight of the bong makes it feel incredibly durable. Every small detail is thought out from the pineapple glass globes to the green matte finishing.

Smoking from the bong was a whole different experience in itself. I used some high grade Pink Kush with 27% THC and I chopped it up (lightly.) The words I want to use to best describe it is: soft, rich, thick, and smooth. A controlled rip that felt like you were smoking out of a $600 bong lol.

How can this bong be worth $600?

They say one of the best things you can invest your money into is a mattress because you spend 25% of your life sleeping. I carry this same logic when purchasing bongs because “smoking” is unhealthy and any preventive measures I can take, like a high quality bong, is something I want to invest my money into. There have been way too many stories about cheap bongs made in China using toxins in their plastic and people getting sick.

There is also the durability argument. The best bongs are made with high quality materials and can last for over a decade. My last ROOR bong purchased in 2014 was used every single day and lasted me 7 years. It’s like a laptop; you can save $500 by buying a cheaper model or spend the $500 extra to purchase an elite model that is known for it’s product quality.

Dr. Greenthumb’s is definitely one of the best bongs on the market and $600 for a bong that will last you 5+ years (as part of their warranty) is less than what you’d spend on blunts, papers, and all that other shit you use to help you smoke.

Best Bongs on Amazon
Best Bongs on Amazon

Do the right thing and buy this bong

When you consider the quality, durability, and science behind this bong; $600 is not that expensive. Especially considering some of you pay up to $300/ounce lol. Dr Greenthumb is paving a way towards a new future of bong innovation. From the unboxing experience to the product itself, you can see why there is so much buzz behind it.

Smoking from this bong also saves you a bit of money. A half-bowl takes you to the moon and the whole entire bong is designed for weed conservativeness.

I am a regular-bong smoker of 20 years and I can easily say that my experience using this bong was a good one. I will continue to use it every single day and I strongly suggest to all of you to purchase it and try it out.

You can purchase the bong from Amazon HERE!