• 2 years ago

Best 6 Dank Strains to Get Some Shut Eye with Smoking

Afghani Kush

I don’t know about you with 6 Dank Strains, but it takes much more than a Netflix binge to get to bed at night. Without Mary, it’s damn near impossible! The circadian rhythm may feel non-existent within some of you so I’ve compiled a list of sure-fire Indica leaning strains that will put you straight to bed in your time of need. Of course, I prefer my sativas and hybrids during the day when I have ish to do but at night, I enjoy that muscle-melting, couch-locking and totally sedated feeling that carries me straight off into dreamland within a matter of minutes. Being stuck in quarantine, working from home and kids homeschooling has everyone’s schedules upside down.

The perfect fix after a long day that prepares you for your next!

1. Afghan Kush
Afghan Kush will be sure to put you out with its THC content ranging anywhere from 16% to 22%. Make sure, especially if you’re new to taking green, that you pace yourself in order to avoid waking up high lol This strain is also great for folks who generally experience THC related Anxiety. You will get a full relaxation smoke sesh with this almost pure Indica. When ingesting, you will taste hints of citrus, spicy and sweet flavors.

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2. GDP
GDP AKA Grandaddy Purp is an Indica dominant strain typically topping out around 23% THC. This equation equals the sum of pain-free, stress-free, munchies with a side of relaxed muscles and sleep. How she looks and smells is exactly how she tastes; sweet and purple af, like grape candy! It starts you off with a nice cerebral high and eventually trickles into the body for nice and calm sedation.

3. Northern Lights
Northern Lights is another Indica dominant strain clocking in at 95% indica and 5% Sativa. This popular bad boy packs a punch with 16-21% THC that will leave you relaxed, sleepy, and couch-locked for sure! This crowd fave strain will grace your taste buds with a sweet and earthy flavor while making your muscles feel like warm caramel melting into whatever you rest on when this smoke hits your soul. Have your snacks handy, you may want a couple of handfuls before going off into a deep sleep.

4. God’s Gift
God’s Gift is an Indica dominant strain, 90%. These buds smell like berries, taste like grape & spicy citrus/lemon, and leave a nice light incense scent to it due to its hash undertones. This beauty has up to 27% THC at times so it will take away the pain almost instantaneously, elevating you into a state of euphoria. Then, this fruity purple will put you to sleep like a baby with a full belly.

5. 9 Pound Hammer
9 Pound Hammer isn’t as packed with Indica like the others on the list (about 80%) but it is, however, toting a lot of THC (roughly 18-23%). It’s wonderful for insomnia, anxiety, and depression and comes equipped with some of the smoothest smoke you’ve ever tasted. This strain will also leave you very hungry just before knocking you out, cold!

6. Tahoe OG Kush
Tahoe OG Kush has the scent and taste of mixed berries. This is one smoke smoothie you won’t want to miss. When you spark it up, it will leave you with silky smoke in your lungs. As you exhale the stress and sedate your body, your mind follows. But, beware, when consumed in high quantities you may hear and see things more intensely so “be prepared!” in my best Scar voice.

With this list, you will definitely be able to catch some Z’s at the flick of a lighter! These strains will relax your mind and body for the perfect night’s rest. They come loaded with THC and are heavy on the indica side, so don’t forget to take it slow when ingesting if you’re new to these types of strains. If you smoke enough, you just may think you hear the fridge calling your name and reminding you about all of the tasty leftovers begging to be eaten and sleep is most certainly on the menu!!