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Wow, Edibles is the Way to Go! 5 Amazing Tips on Why You Should Put Down the Pipe

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Many of us – cannabis lovers, have started off with smoking cannabis rather than ingesting it via edibles; brownies, candies, stem tea, etc.

Making edibles takes time and effort, but if you have a love for them, then you can follow our recipe here

Usually, when you smoke THC, it passes directly into the lungs and then into the bloodstream – resulting in the user being able to quickly feel the effects of THC in a more rapid way than if they consumed it through an edible.

But, why rush!? When you can enjoy the ingredient rather than activating slowly within your whole body. As edibles give a more full-body high and can last for hours. 

According to Nick Jikomes, the principal research scientist at the cannabis website Leafly states;

When you smoke a joint, what goes into your bloodstream is called delta-9 THC. 

When you eat cannabis, meanwhile, the edible gets processed by your liver into a different compound, 11-hydroxy THC. 

These two forms are very similar to each other, but the small differences between them can mean they affect the brain in dramatically disparate ways!

The 11-hydroxy THC affects you more intensely once it crosses the blood-brain barrier. That’s why one of the main reasons as to why edibles are chosen over smoking – is the lasting effect. 

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1. Edibles Give You a Longer High

You can say that smoking or vaping cannabis gives that instant gratification pouring into your lungs and filling the brain with happy chemicals. The effects are usually felt within minutes, and can even get you high from 1-3 tokes!

However, it doesn’t mean if you get high faster that it will last longer! With an edible though it can. Because the THC enters the bloodstream and takes more of a while to adjust to your body, and that’s when you get hit by the high! For some users, they feel it within 20 minutes after inducing an edible, or up to an hour – some studies have even shown that users felt the peak of their high 3-5 hours later! Wow! Can you repeat that again? High for over a few hours sounds like a dream come true.

Usually, this is a great way to study, work or get creative when you consume an edible, as you have more time to explore where the THC will take you. 

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2. Longer and Stronger

Joe Rogan, who said in his standup special on Netflix; When you eat cannabis, it’s processed by your liver and it produces 11-Hydroxy metabolite. That’s five times more psychoactive than THC … and it lets you talk to dolphins! And we can vouch with this answer because after eating an edible not only was the high long, but the dimension of the high was much stronger and crisper than if we only smoked the THC. Check out this awesome video made by AsapSCIENCE explaining it in more detail. 

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3. Edibles Don’t Smell

…. Unless you made some piping hot brownies! But who wouldn’t mind that smell?!? The great thing about edibles is the camouflage ability it has – no one will know that you are eating a delicious mousse cake that will actually get you lit… except for your boss who might ask for a bite! So guard your edibles with care, as truly they are unrecognizable from being labeled as a psychoactive substance. Here are some stoner-approved recipes we made before. Try them out and let us know how high they made you! You can bring them to the park, to the movie theatres, wherever – no one will know. 

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4. Bang for Buck

This is great news to our users who always want to find the best, cost-effective THC that will do its job and save a buck. 

This is great news to our users who always want to find the best, cost-effective THC that will do its job and save a buck. 

Unlike having only a kitchen available for edibles – the production tends to be more simple and requires less labour. Also, edible producers are able to get massive discounts from growers in order to infuse the oils into the food ingredients. The starting material is cheaper to make quality products than growing cannabis for smoking purposes. 

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5. Edibles are Much Healthier

When you consume an edible, it passes ‘safely’ through the digestive system, and the THC goes into the bloodstream. It is a much cleaner and easier way to enjoy the high without the constant coughs in between tokes. Less damage to the users lungs, and doesn’t suppress the immune system as when you traditionally inhale through smoke. With an edible you prevent the combustion process that in turns releases potential carcinogens. Thus, edibles are way more delicious and safer to use than smoking cannabis. Plus, it doesn’t leave your breath stinky! 

Next time you find yourself at a dispensary try and swap your traditional routine of inhaling the cannabis and instead try to eat it. Make it also a fun project by creating your own recipes. You’ll notice that you will come out more economically beneficial when you choose to swap for edibles – while also retaining that high for way longer than you ever did before!