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We Bet You Haven’t Tried CBD With Strawbearie Chew Ever

CBD gummies and related edibles are always being looked towards for various medical requirements.

Whether if it’s a sleep disorder, inflammation issue or chronic pains these chewables have been working really well for the patients yet.

With its increasing popularity and demand, the prices for the available products are also getting high.


And not everyone can always bear the expensive products which are barely available in good quality in the stores.

Therefore to overcome this, we have found a longlasting solution for this. 🙂

One of our great CBD fellow Cannaseur© from Reddit, who have been producing such edibles for the last couple of years and have made history on October 17th 2018 by purchasing the 1st legal gram of Cannabis in Canada.

Recently floated up with a great recipe.

He named this gummy looking thing “Strawbearie edible” and shared the recipe with us upon our request. (for which we are humbly grateful)

Recipe To Prepare Strawbearie Chews

  • Take half cup of Cannabis-infused MCT coconut oil and bring it to slow boil
  • Mix in a large strawberry flavoured jello pack and stir until mixed
  • In another bowl take another half cup of CBD infused MCT coconut oil at room temperature
  • Mix in three to four packs of Knox gelatin and mix until dissolved properly
  • Put this stirred mixture into the one on the stove and mix gently
  • Stir again until gives a nice lubricative look
  • Pour this syrup into a squeeze bottle and let it rest for 30 seconds
  • Now pour this into your favourites moulds
  • Let them rest for a few days in open air as putting them in the fridge will separate the oil from the syrup

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You can now prepare these yummy strawbearie chews at your home and enjoy! 🙂

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