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What Is The Actual Difference Between Cannabis and Weed?

About Cannabis and Weed, People around are mostly found critically confused when they are talking.

It is highly not recommended that both are the same things. CBD and Weed are two different things with different chemical compounds, nomenclature and psychoactive nature but comes from the same kind of plant.

Cannabis Vs. Weed

In the different parts of the globe, marijuana and hemp-derived products that are usually known as CBD products are gradually getting legal status for its health benefits and other medical purposes.

Consumers are always very curious about the related products but most of them get fuzzy when they converse about the differences between Cannabis Vs. Weed!

Let’s talk about CBD and Weed in detail and have a deep look at it.

Cannabis and Weed: The Extraction of Cannabis vs Weed

CBD is usually extracted from the plants of hemp and marijuana. Hemp plants are basically the marijuana plants having THC level less than 0.3%, whereas the weed is extracted from the marijuana plants having greater THC value as compared to the said.

Weed makes you get high. That is because of the THC!

THC is tetrahydrocannabinol the natural chemical compound found in Cannabis plant and determines the psycho-activeness of the leaf.

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CBD Vs. Weed: The Psychoactive Compounds

CBD and Weed plants are almost the same in structure and in nomenclature.

Yet they don’t have the same psychoactive nature or the elements that can make you sensationally high.


The THC of weed binds with the receptors of your brain once consumed whereas, the CBD doesn’t. That is why the consumption of CBD products does not make you high!

The compounds get themselves connected with the neuroreceptors in your brain called endocannabinoids.

These are the chemical that are responsible for transmitting the messages between the brain and other body parts.

The Inside Chemistry

The CBD and weed have the same chemistry inside i.e. the same molecular structure can be observed inside having a total of 21 atoms of carbon, 2 oxygen and 30 hydrogen atoms.

The only difference between the both is the arrangement and placements which makes it different from one another.


Is CBD oil legal in your state or not?

You need to thoroughly go through the details for this because not every state is allowing the trade of hemp-derived goods.

In many of the states and countries, CBD and weed having THC level below 0.3% are usually allowed to be sold and purchased whereas the products and plants having THC level more than 0.3% and highly prohibited to be traded.

Or if allowed, then only for medical purpose with a proper scientific prescription.

Health Benefits & Advantages

There are numerous health benefits when you talk about Cannabis Vs. Weed. Both things coming from a same kind of plant have almost the same health benefits at different extents.

Health Benefits Cannabis Vs Cbd

The reasons CBD is more popular and usable is due to the various health benefits of CBD including one advantage that it does not leaves a euphoric effect on your body once consumed or taken in a reasonable proportion.

Side Effects Of The Usage

A normal human body is well-tolerated with the CBD dosages but when it becomes to the weed and marijuana. The higher THC levels show some of the following side effects that might happen:

  • Dry mouth
  • Itchy and red eyes
  • Increased heart rate
  • Neural disturbance/ memory loss
  • Slower reaction
  • Increased euphoric effects

These usually occur because of the psychoactive compounds present in the plant.

Final Thoughts

Talking about Cannabis Vs. Weed we here conclude that both have same medical benefits yet different side effects. You first need to consult a doctor or any medical expert for the dosage and use!

Keep reading our blog to learn more about the evolution of Cannabis happening all around the world. 🙂