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Is Weed Addictive? Find out in the shortest amount of words.

Weed Addictive.

Anything can be addicting. Running, sex, choir, video games, cheeseburgers, etc. 

Weed falls into the category of “psychologically addictive”. It occurs when you choose to experience something like the taste of cheeseburgers more than other necessary life activities. 

The real topic of debate is: If weed is physiologically addictive. (weed addictive)

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A physiological addictions is when the body cannot function properly without the presence/ingestion of a drug. Think of heroin, cocaine, and prescription pills. 

A physiological addiction occurs when the body cannot function properly without the presence of the drug. This is why detoxing from alcohol can be fatal: alcohol is a depressant and your brain undergoes physiological changes when exposed to vast amounts of alcohol over time.

In other words, your brain gets used to the alcohol’s depressant effects and counters by increasing activity in certain parts of the brain. 

Weed Addictive
photo by Kimzy Nanney @ unsplash.com

So is weed addictive?

Here are our thoughts: Just as we mentioned above in this article, anything can be addicting. The only difference in addiction is the magnitude; “psychological vs physiological”, in other words, do you prefer to smoke weed everyday or does your body absolutely need it or you will die.

Because NO ONE HAS EVER DIED of weed addiction or withdrawal, it’s fair to say that weed is not addictive in the same regard to heavy drugs.