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Top 4 of the most expensive Marijuanas in CBD Business

00 Most Expensive Marijuana

I remember when I was a fresh stoner and I would practically smoke any marijuana that would get me high. There were many times when I didn’t even get high lol I would spend my last few dollars on a cheap thrill and give my TV the most unenthused stare after about an hour, expecting the effects to have taken over by then. Usually, a good 10-15 minutes into smoking, all of my worries would be carried away with each exhale and wave of smoke.

Instead, I became even more annoyed and mentally exhausted dealing with ditch weed, than before smoking.

But, now that I’m much more experienced and have the means to taste a sliver of the good life, I am able to take advantage of the powerful strains that are on the market. I’ve taken the time to learn about their benefits and consume them just to see how it interacts with my body.

As I learn more about Marijuana, I have come to appreciate all of the different aspects it offers. Things like the beauty and texture of the bud, its scents, different ways to consume it, and all of the different ways you can dress it up. I set out to discover some of the most potent and exotic strains known to man.

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1. Cannabis Caviar

Cannabis Caviar can be tough on the pockets, checking in at $1400 an ounce in some areas. This beauty uses a high THC strain to begin with, sometimes up to 51%. Then, it is soaked in hash oil and cured. Sometimes, it is coated in resin, and other times, kief. When coated in kief, it is often referred to as “Moon Rocks”. There is also what is called “Sunrocks”. They are high-quality buds drizzled in a heavy THC hash oil then lightly coated in kief. Make sure you approach this bad boy with caution because it can deliver up to 91% THC! Not recommended for ammeter smokers.

2. Voluptuous Buds

This bud prefers to roll naked and she charges for it! Loud dream goes for $800 per ounce and delivers an energetic, swift kick in the rump as well as your wallet. It is a Sativa dominant and exhibits the traits. This strain harnesses a 26-28% THC concentration level, so keep it light if you are able to splurge. I would spark up first thing in the morning in order to ease any muscle pains or inflammation. She’ll seduce you with her large, voluptuous buds and leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth so, keep your eyes open for your Loud Dream!

3. Isla OG

Another Cannabis strain boasting an $800 price tag is Isla OG. This Indica dominant hybrid is immediately placed into it’s tin can and air sealed once trimmed, preserving her terps and freshness. She comes with a THC content ranging anywhere between 22% and 45% so, if you’re a novice, be sure to take things slowly! Isla OG has sticky and dense buds, covered in thick, white trichome crystals that only a connoisseur can appreciate.

4. Jack One

Finally, meet a top-shelf strain on the cheaper end of prices, J1. Also known as Jack One, this strain is a sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing one of my favs, Jack Herar with Skunk #1. This bud will leave you swimming in positive vibes while providing motivation and energy to stay productive. It’ll run you about half the cost of the others on the list, $350, and allow you to consume 18-23% THC. Even though it’s cheaper than the rest, don’t underestimate this strain. It still is top shelf quality bud! Yet another one good to keep bedside and spark up before the eggs and bacon.

With this list, get a taste of the good life. These strains are like handpicking a 200 year old red wine and enjoying it for ALL of it’s notes. Here, you get medical relief, an unparalleled high, unique flavors, permeating scents, colors, and thick buds that just stimulate every sense. It may cost more than the average but can you really put a price tag on perfection?