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Is CBD right for Acne problem? Is CBD Products can Help?

Acne Problem?

CBD which is a natural compound present in the plants of Cannabis is nowadays widely known for having many potential medical benefits. It recently received an immense popularity hike for the usage of CBD for acne issues!

Cbd For Acne

Most of us are finding ways out to get rid of the curse of acne from our face.

Because it can possibly become a source of irritation and complex! 🙁

Acne can happen to the people of any age group but mostly youngsters are under its attack.

Due to which, cosmetic products for treating acne are always high in demand.

But, in the last decade, people have vastly switched over to the organic cures for treating acne and other health problems.

Same is the case with using CBD for acne. There are many shreds of evidence that has been found experimentally that the use of CBD can be beneficial for treating acne and other kinds of minor skin conditions.

Some people have been witnessed applying CBD oil to the pores of their skins topically yet many have tried it orally for treating acne.

Here in this article, we will be solely talking about the facts that is the usage of CBD for acne really worth it? And does it really works out? Is it really a health benefit of CBD oil that we may get rid of the acne?

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CBD For Acne: Does It Really Works for acne problem?

It may depend on the kind of the acne a person has but this is for sure that the use of CBD works for the acne.

In fact, the use of CBD oil is actually beneficial for treating acne!

Depending upon the type of sebum a person’s body may produce. The CBD oil has been found enough effective to treat the production of sebum and control it.

Cbd For Acne Sebum

Sebum is an oily substance being produced on the pores of the face skin regularly. This is the substance which is responsible for developing traces of acne on your face!

CBD oil being anti-inflammatory in nature causes the production of sebum gets lower up to an amazing extent.

Sebum usually helps in protecting our skin from the outside but when it is combined with the dead skin cells, pollutants or any other dirt after being trapped inside the pore of the skin. It starts becoming acne!

Acne is being influenced by many other factors including hormonal imbalances, genetics and excessive production of sebum.

Wrong medications, stress level and improper nutrition may also be a cause of acne on your skin.

In a study carried out in 2014 by medical health professionals, it has been found that the use of CBD oil invokes the excessive production of sebum causing lesser chances of acne.

The scientists in the study revealed that the use of CBD oil created an anti-inflammatory kind of chemical reaction on the skin which prevented the activation of inflammatory cytokines.

These cytokines are actually responsible for triggering the acne so keeping them deactivated with the help of CBD oil keeps the chances of acne deactivated too!

How To Use CBD Oil For Acne?

It is highly suggested to use CBD with any of the carrier oils and not apply it in raw form on your skin. To apply CBD oil on your skin you can simply mix it with any of the following carrier oils:-

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Shea butter
  • Argan oil

Or any other suitable oil which may be suitable for your skin!

Consuming CBD orally might also help in preventing acne but in a very lesser number of cases. It is highly recommended to apply it on your skin with any of the mentioned carrier oils.

CBD For Skin Problems (Others)

The chemical properties of CBD also include antioxidant behaviour in its compounds as well. This property might also be helpful in treating other skin problems such as having sensitive skin, Eczema, ageing and wrinkles.

Hence having an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant chemical pattern will surely going to benefit your other skin problems as well.

Final Thoughts!

The pieces of evidence found scientifically and experimentally suggests that the use of CBD for acne is quite beneficial yet it needs to be more verified by the skincare experts by carrying out more research-based studies.

Also, it is highly essential to know even if CBD oil is legal in your state or not?

We would also recommend to first consult your skin care specialist before applying CBD oil on your face to cure the acne. The more authentic the more better! 🙂