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How Weed CBD Can Help You To Improve Memory and Focus

weed cbd can help
marijuana can boost productivity and enhance clarity

(weed cbd can help) Wake & Bake Makes You Creative

It’s no wonder the term “wake and bake” has always been a popular activity within the weed-community.  

Some of the most die-hard tokers swear by this morning ritual, as they feel less productive when it comes down to buckling-up and getting ready for that Monday morning. 

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However, with a little assistance from our favourite plant. Weed helps users find their focus, concentration and creativity.  

It’s been documented that there have been instances where weed has helped ADD/ADHD users find their focus and concentration. If you’re a weed-lover, or just a dude with some experience then you know there are over 100+ types of weed-strains. (https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/top-100-marijuana-strains

And some of these weed-strains may give the user a more focused, concentrated and creative state of mind. 

If you’re looking for your perfect weed-strain, than make sure to know a little more on the weed properties in order to experience the “focused-high.” 

For instance, if you know the difference between weed-strains like sativa or indica, it will help you find the focus you’re searching for. (https://www.crescolabs.com/indica-vs-sativa/

Cannabis Strains:

  1. Sativa = Not only are sativa plants distinguishable by their appearance from an indica plant. It also contains different elements that bring a sense of focus and concentration. 
    1. Known as “mind high” because it enhances creativity, productivity, focus and concentration. 
    2. Uplifting & euphoric
    3. Boosts an increase of energy 
    4. Best for day-time use
  1. Indica = This weed-strain is more of a “body high,” best to use it in the evening. In order to achieve a cozy, relaxed, intimate high. 
    1. Perfect for pain relief and sleep aid
    2. Prepare for the munchies! 
    3. Best way to remember “In-da-couch”
How Weed CBD Can Help You To Improve Memory and Focus 2

Smoke Up!

Thus, choosing the right weed-strain is super important as it dictates what type of high a user will experience. 

So, if you need a little boost of focus on a Monday afternoon, light yourself a sativa strained joint and let it do it’s magic. 

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