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Here Are the Best Strains for Cheese Lovers

As the world of cannabis and Best Strains has grown over the years, many people both have both grown (and are searching for) specific strains associated with certain food smells and tastes.There’s nothing more decadent and rich than indulging in a cheese platter – why should your cannabis experience be any less extravagant? 

Whether you’re looking for a sharp and sour scent or perhaps a more creamy, brie-flavored variety, there are a range of of cheese-flavored cannabis strains out there waiting to be experienced by your taste buds. Get ready for fondue night. 

Cheese (UK Cheese – Best Strains)

Derived through its parent strains Skunk #1 and Afghani, this hybrid strain is sometimes referred to as UK Cheese, as it gained its popularity there in the 1980s. It has a musky smell and taste that are both funky, along with attractive hairs that add some serious bag appeal. The high is mellow but won’t cause too much couchlock or sleepiness. 

Blue Cheese

You can smell this sticky, pungent strain from a mile away, but the flavor is a more mild take on blueberry cheesecake. Puff on it while you cut a slice of blue cheese and pair it with some other goodies on a curated charcuterie board. Blending the genes of Blueberry and Cheese strains, this slightly Indica leaning hybrid can reach up to 20% THC. 

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One of the only cheese strains that’s a sativa hybrid (60% to be exact) and is derived from the holy grail Big Buddha Cheese, which we previously mentioned, and NYC Sour Diesel. The Diesel adds a more energetic effect to the high, along with a complex flavor. Chiesel really uplifts you past all the negativity, filling you with happiness. The nugs are usually heavy with some substantial weight to them.

Best Strains

Big Buddha Cheese

The winner of many High Times Cannabis Cup awards, thie super cheesy Indica dominant hybrid is the main attraction for many cheese strain lovers. When smoking Big Buddha Cheese, you can expect to feel reduced stress, and a serious case of the munchies, so perhaps have a meal ready before. Blending Cheese, Afghani, and Skunk 1, the THC levels are moderate here. 

Sweet Cheese

Another less sedative take on the cheese strains, Sweet Cheese is a 70/30 Sativa hybrid that blends the original Cheese strain with Black Jack (a derivative of Jack Herer), creating a moderate THC level that’s balanced out by 1.5% CBD. There are notes of sweetness, but there’s also hints of spice. The effect is a deep physical relaxation and some heady euphoria.

Swiss Cheese

Perhaps you’re not really a stinky cheese kind of person. In that case, Swiss Cheese is the strain you’re looking for. With a sweeter exhale than most cheese strains, this buttery variety will send you into a heavy couch-lock. For this reason, it’s better for indica lovers, since you might end up quite drowsy towards the end of the high. That being said, it starts out with a surge of creativity and euphoria, with THC levels consistently topping out at 18%.

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Bubble Cheese

Mixing the famous bubble gum strain with Cheese, this strong Indica has a unique blend of sweet and savory that is rare in most cannabis you’ll come across. With sugary, milky accents and skunk undertones, many individuals create their own bubble hash with this flawless specimen. It’ll rush through you before it numbs into a more sedative experience. 

Super Silver Cheese

The nuggets in Super Silver Cheese look like sparkling diamonds. They’re light green and coated in trichomes, otherwise known as crystals, which shine gorgeously in the light. Musky haze blends with notes of cheese in this sativa hybrid. It’s ideal for a daytime smoke sesh where you want to get lost in your mind. As always, the reliable Cheese is the background strain, this time, merging with Super Silver haze.

Lemon Cheesecake

If you love dessert more than a wedge of cheese and blueberry cheesecake flavors just don’t do it for you, consider this cross between Cheese and Lemon Skunk. Both genetics have intense aromas, and when they get together, create a skunky, citrusy smell blended with intense cheese notes. The strain is invigorating but dangerously powerful, so it might finish off with a body high.