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5 of the Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow on a Budget During Covid-19 Pandemic

I don’t know about you but I’m a penny pincher. If I can save some money, I will go to the greatest extents to ensure that I got the best bargain! When it comes to Cannabis, the best deal you’re going to find is FREE.

With a little bit of effort, you can cut your Cannabis costs down significantly by growing your own bud. I’ve compiled a list of 5 strains that are easy and ideal for you to grow at home during the pandemic AND they don’t require that you have a green thumb. These buds can take a beating and still cultivate an amazing harvest. Keep reading in order to kick start those savings and grow cannabis!

5 of the Easiest Cannabis Strains to Grow on a Budget During Covid-19 Pandemic 1
white widow cannabis strain

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#1 Blue Dream

A popular strain that many gloat over is Blue Dream. This 60/40 sativa dominant green does best grown indoors (make room by those new succulents you adopted during quarantine). This plant has a higher resistance than most to higher levels of nitrogen, root rot and powdery mildew making it an ideal, low maintenance Cannabis plant to grow at home. It will yield roughly 21 ounces per square meter within 10-11 weeks. Not bad for free if you ask me!

blue dream cannabis
Blue Dream cannabis strain

#2 Dutch Treat

The next easy to grow strain, Dutch treat, is an indica heavy strain  clocking in at an 80/20 split. This bad boy is great for my insomniacs out there! It prefers to grow indoors but can be grown outdoors in climates similar to Pacific Northwestern areas. It will flower indoor as quickly as 6-8 weeks and yield about 12 ounces per square meter. Outdoor grown, it will provide you with about 19 ounces per square meter of it’s green goodness. When grown outside, about 16 ounces will be up for keeps. 

Dutch strain cannabis
Dutch strain cannabis

#3 Northern Lights

Northern lights prefers to be grown indoors unlike it’s glowing counterpart in the sky. It flowers rather quickly in about 6-7 weeks and yields a fat 20-ounce harvest. This indica heavy strain (90/10) enjoys feeding off of high levels of Nitrogen. This is a perfect plant for the amateur/struggling grower and will leave you fusing with your couch in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible. This is another great one to ingest just before drifting off into dream land. It lifts your mood while lowering stress levels and enables you to effortlessly lower your eye lids.

Northern lights cannabis strain
Northern lights cannabis strain

#4 Green Crack

One of my all-time favorite sativa dominant strains that’s also a cinch to cultivate is Green Crack. This seedling is dynamic growing the best outside but having a decent harvest inside. It is sensitive to humidity so keep an eye on the moisture levels around this one! It flowers in roughly 7-9 weeks and will leave you with a delicious 18 ounces when grown indoors and 20 ounces if grown outdoors. The key to making the buds nice and juicy is the nutrients. You want to ensure this plant stays at it’s capacity of Potassium, phosphorus, and Nitrogen. Just prior to the flowering stage you want to increase the intake of potassium to make these fruits well worth picking!

Green crack cannabis strain
Green crack cannabis strain

#5 Cinex

Cinex might as well be a Floridian, it loves the perfect warm day temps (65-80 degrees Fahrenheit). It’s a sativa dominant strain boosting the energy levels at a 60/40 split. As things open back up, this strain will guide you through your new and fresh social outings and boost creativity levels. This bud yields about an 18 ounces per square meter when grown indoors. If you grow outdoors, roughly 16 ounces. A great bonus is that even for beginners, this plant is super simple to trim.

Cinex cannabis strain
Cinex cannabis strain

With this list, you can kick start your amateur botanist career and start beefing up your pockets with all of the savings. Could you imagine every couple of months picking a fresh and supreme 21 ounces of bud for yourself and only at the cost of materials?! I smoke heavily but I don’t think that even I could consume that much in a couple of months. You could smoke it, make yourself and all of your friends edibles, create all-natural toiletries or even create tinctures! This is the perfect time to get growing!