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10 Ways to Have Better Sex With Weed This Winter

Sex with weed and marijuana go hand in hand, and adding this wonder plant to your love life is a good way to spice it up. And what better time to try it than wintertime during a pandemic? Cannabis affects sex by increasing your self-confidence while putting you in the right state of mind for intimacy. It helps to loosen up inhibitions and reduce performance anxiety surrounding the sexual experience, while enhancing pleasure to a mind-blowing level.

We’re all getting ready to hibernate as weather gets chilly around the world, but before you hunker down, check out our top 10 tips on how to set the mood, including when to consume, and the best weed strains for sex. The balance of all the compounds in marijuana can bring a wild night of sex, so get ready!

Sex With Weed

Know whether to use CBD or THC

If you suffer from anxiety, using CBD products will keep you calm. But for the purpose of heightening sensation and increased sensitivity, a THC strain will be more effective. Meet in the middle and find a strain with a 1:1 ratio. As always, make sure it comes from a reputable, licensed CBD manufacturer and CBD brand. Just watch out for mood-killing CBD side effects like cottonmouth and drowsiness.

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Smoke before

Just like a smooth glass of wine or some decadent chocolates, consuming cannabis before sex can help you relax and set the mood. You can even try these cannabis chocolates formulated specifically to act as a luxurious aphrodisiac, which will make you absolutely love sex with cannabis.

Weed lube

There are a lot of magical,  cannabis-infused products that can melt your body into a total state of calm, but one of our favorites would have to be weed lube, which feels like a warm, intimate hug in your nether regions. Some products do contain THC which can increase your sensitivity and tingles, but this CBD coconut oil lubricant from Foria always does the trick. It absorbs like a dream and is never greasy. 

Smoke after

Consuming a sativa beforehand can make you overthink things, while using an indica might make your body feel more tired and sluggish rather than aroused. If smoking before seems to make your performance anxiety worse and get you in your own head, consider indulging after. Many people do this with a cigarette, but your health will thank you if you swap those chemicals out for cannabis.

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Use it to explore your own bodies

Exploring your sexuality in the winter doesn’t always need to include more than one person. Sometimes, the best position is solo play. Then again, you can also get to know your body in front of your partner. Search for strains with the terpene linalool for a calming, breezy effect that sets you up for the ultimate orgasm. 

Microdose a meal

Think integrating small doses with a classy, romantic meal cooked at home. You can even double down with aphrodisiac ingredients. oysters, chocolate and strawberries…the sky is the limit. We suggest dosing between 2.5mg-10mg per dish or food item based on your tolerance and experience. 

Seek out strains specifically for arousal

Many strains are actually created for the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction and other arousal issues. Strains like Amensia Haze and LA confidential are often sought out, but our favorite is Jack Herer. These strains start with a euphoria that peaks before reaching a smooth, gradual comedown. Blue Dream  is also a popular hybrid boosts confidence while relaxing.

Give each other a weed massage

Massaging your partner is a fantastic way to lead into foreplay, but we suggest spicing that massage up with cannabis-infused massage oil.  This goes perfectly with the weed lube from Foria, but can also be used on its own if you don’t want added lubrication. Along with anti-inflammatory abilities, using an oil formulated with THC will increase blood flow and make your entire body more sensitive. 

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Netflix and canna-chill

With cold weather, pass the time bu consuming cannabis. Drinking makes you want to be social, smoking makes you just want to get cozy and snuggle up. So roll up a couple of joints, puff on that vape or curate a tasty plate of edibles to a movie marathon of your choosing. 

Share a cannabis bath bomb

Usually, you follow up sex with a shower, but why not start off with a steamy bath for two? It helps the body relax, and the added cannabis aspect makes for a tranquil experience that’s perfect for setting the mood.

Don’t add the pressure of sex

Going through with the actual act doesn’t have to be the goal, when you’re indulging in cannabis and experimenting with sex. Exploring your partner’s bodies with the new and exciting sensations of cannabis can be interpreted in all kinds of ways, minus the penetration or even an orgasm. Sometimes, all you want to do is play with each other’s bodies and get connected in more creative ways.

At the end of the day, cannabis for sex is a marriage made in heaven that’s worth a try. Studies even indicate that folks who live a cannabis lifestyle have more sex than people who don’t indulge in the plant. Just be sure to get your products from licensed sources with a sturdy reputation – at Eyetoke, we believe that’s the foundation of having a good time.