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George Floyd’s Autopsy Shows Traces Of Cannabis Compound in His Blood!

May 25 marks the day in the history of the United States when an honourable citizen named George Floyd was captured and was forcibly restrained by one of the police officers which caused an eventual death of George.

George Floyd

This mishap erupted an outrage and state-level protests throughout the states followed by mishandling of protesters leading towards looting of shops and stores by the people.

The actual cause of George Floyd’s death has been a buzzy talk of the town since then and there are various reports floating over the local, international and social media that depicts the various possible reasons of his death.

George Floyd was a COVID-19 positive!

The autopsy report published by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner shows that George had coronavirus while he was dead but, this wasn’t the actual reason for his death.

Neither, COVID-19 played any role for triggering the death of George, says the report.

The report was published publicly after taking permission from George’s family.

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He was reported to be found corona positive on April 3 and was asymptomatic when he died.

Yet this was not his death factor!

Traces of Cannabis found in Floyd’s blood

The toxicology report shows that the following drug compounds were found in his blood after being tested:-

  • methamphetamine
  • morphine
  • Cannabis
  • fentanyl

The final autopsy result says that the reason for George’s death was cardiopulmonary arrest while being forcibly restrained by the police officer.

Medical experts hired mutually by Floyd’s family and the Hennepin medical examiner, it is being said that his death was caused by homicide yet they differ that what caused it.

Let’s hope and pray that may the justice prevail for the family of George.

And may we get rid of this fatal disease of racism from our society! 🙏