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How cannabis Treats COVID-19? Truth Has Been Revealed!

Cannabis, Most of us usually believe that the world of social media has always been flooding with non-authentic news and fake things.

Similarly, right after the COVID-19 outbreak, the social platforms are extremely populated with self-created prescriptions and non-legit medical transcriptions regarding the cure of Coronavirus. But not all is wrong!

Yes! you heard it right.

Recently, a study conducted by a team of Canadian scientists floated upon social media in which the medical team claimed that Cannabis treats COVID-19 and has the potential to either prevent or even treat the coronavirus in a human body.

Cannabis Treats COVID-19: is this for real?

The research work was carried out by a team of medical experts at the University of Lethbridge proposing that they have found some indicators which shows that cannabis could be effective for fighting off the coronavirus.

Cannabis Treats Covid-19

The team of scientists presented the research proposal that some of the cannabis plants had active CBD in a pleasant amount that is sufficient to block the pathways of ACE2 in a human’s immune system.

ACE2 is the carrier from where coronavirus usually infiltrates in a human body!

The study proposes how inflammatory components of CBD can prevent the virus from being carried by the ACE2 pathway.

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Is this the FINAL & ONLY treatment?

Obviously NO! the study regarding the claim that cannabis treats COVID-19 is in its early stages and still has to be peer-reviewed by the fellow scientists from all around the world.

Realistically, it is really hard to give a verdict that CBD is the, for now, the only solution for treating the coronavirus.

But still, the research gives hope that enzymes in the cannabis plant could be able to decrease the ratio of disease susceptibility.

What types of CBD can help to prevent coronavirus?

Scientists involved in the study have warned that not every type of CBD or products including CBD could be enough effective to prevent coronavirus.

The study shows that some products like mouthwash, toothpaste etc. containing a calculated proportion of CBD can help to prevent coronavirus affecting your body.

Also, they added that not every type of CBD and cannabis plant is competent enough to fight the virus.

Cannabis treats COVID-19

The one that was found effective was high in having an anti-inflammatory constrain and low in the levels of THC, the compound which usually tends to make you high as weed does!

Final thoughts!

The write-up throughout has been self-explanatory!

Cannabis can treat COVID-19 but the study has yet to be cross-verified and needs more research by competent research professionals.

Till then, #StaySafe! 🙂