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8 Easy Steps To Cook CBD Butter or Cannabutter From Home

CBD butter OR Cannabutter is the simplest and one of the high-in-demand edible CBD products prepared with the infusion of Cannabis in the butter.

Cbd Butter
Courtesy: Bruce Wolf

The process of preparing Cannabis-infused butter is said to be quite simple, yet tricky!

Butter is our daily life product and is used on an almost daily basis.

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People who are captivated with the advantages of CBD and its products are always looking for ways to infuse Cannabis in these kinds of products.

We have received a lot of requests from you guys asking for the authentic recipe to prepare the CBD butter at home so here we go with it… 3…2…1… GO!

Steps To Prepare CBD Butter in Your Home Kitchen

Most of you must have faced a difficult situation while preparing Cannabutter i.e. activating and enabling the psycho-activeness of the leaf!

This is one of the most tricky parts of making CBD butter.

The process for activating this potential is called decarboxylation in which the flower is heated and treated at a specific temperature for a specific span of time in order to get activated.

With this process, the existing THCA compound in your Cannabis would be easily converted into THC compounds making it fit for the final product.

Some of the recipes you may found on the internet might direct you to directly infuse the flowers into butter but that isn’t going to get your satisfied with the finished product.

In order to get the best outcomes, you need to burn and vaporize the CBD flowers at heat so that it converts THCA into THC by burning out the molecules responsible for the euphoric effect.

NOTE: You can do this even in the oven! 😉

Pro Tip: You can also add any of the carrier oils including coconut, olive etc. to infuse with your butter because the butter burns out really quick.

Ingredients required for Cannabutter

  • One cup of your favourite butter
  • 8 grams of decarboxylated ground Cannabis

So here’s the basic 8 stepped easy recipe to prepare CBD butter at your home:

1. Decarboxylation of the Cannabis

Place the flowers on a non-stick tray, preheat your oven up to 245ºF and place the tray inside the oven for around 30-40 minutes.

Tip: Older and drier Cannabis may require less time. You can also set the temperature at 300ºF and place it in for good 20 minutes to get decarboxylated Cannabis.

2. Grind the Buds

After you are done with the decarboxylation process. Gently grind the CBD buds with the hand grinder!

3. Heat up the butter

On the other side, turn on the flames of the stove and place your favourite butter on it to get melted. It is highly suggested to let it simmer on low!

Tip: You can add some water or carrier oil to help butter prevent from scorching.

4. Add the CBD flowers into the butter

Once the butter turns into liquid. Gradually start adding the finely ground CBD flower into it!

5. Let it simmer

You need to make sure that the mixture never comes to a full boil. Slow and steady win the race!

Simmer it for 2 – 3 hours on low heat. (ideally at 160ºF and not making it cross 200ºF)

6. Strain the mixture

Take out a cheesecloth and with the funnel beneath the cloth, start pouring in the butter.

The useless liquid will get strained out and the useful fat i.e. the butter will remain in the cheesecloth.

Do this process once the melted butter is cooled off, also squeezing the cloth with hands may help to diffuse the unnecessary and excess water from the butter.

7. Place it in the container and let it cool

Take the extracted CBD butter and place it in a jar or any type of container you may want to.

Ideally, the cannabutter should be refrigerated for around 1 hour!

8. Take dose with care

It is really important that how much do you use the cannabis-infused butter in any of your snacks, desserts and dishes.

The strongness of your butter depends upon multiple factors including how long it was cooked, how much the ground CBD was added etc.

To test the potency of your butter to take the proper dosage of CBD butter in future take 1/4th of a teaspoon and on a snack or meal and see how you feel after an hour.

The effects on your body and mind after an hour will make you understand whether you should increase or decrease the quantity of dose or not!

Hence, you now know how to prepare CBD butter in your home. Try it out and let us know how was your experience? 🙂