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Covid19 – Stay the Fuck at Home America With CBD Products!

About CBD Products, I saw a video yesterday on my Instagram of a group of high school kids outside passing a blunt around. While they had no concerns over sharing the blunt, they were all wearing surgical gloves. I must admit, the irony was strong and as much as I wanted to bash them, it was pretty funny seeing how fucking stupid our younger generation has become. From defying orders to stay at home to actually holding “Coronavirus-themed Parties”…America is on a fast path to a disastrous and ‘gluttonous’ downfall.

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Stay The Fuck Home (CBD Products)

You are not immune to the Coronavirus. Your age does not protect you. 35% of people in the hospitals right now are between the ages of 20 to 40 years old. If smoking weed with your friends is a higher priority right now than staying home and being safe, then you need to seriously reflect on your life and the choices you are making.

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Also, the reality of going outside, smoking a joint with your friends, and being asymptomatic is incredibly high. Imagine bringing that shit back home and spreading it to your mother, brother, father, sister, or whatever. You would feel like a huge piece of shit (while definitely being one at the same time).

Coronavirus America

CBD Is Not The Cure

Capitalism breeds opportunists and as American’s rush to order healthy supplements online during this crisis, CBD companies are beginning to take advantage. The first time I saw anything related to COVID-19 and CBD as a treatment was in a local Facebook group. Some idiot had posted a bullshit article written by a “holistic” doctor claiming that CBD could treat the Coronavirus.

The scary part wasn’t the false information in the article but the hundreds of comments from American’s asking “Where can I buy CBD right now?”.

Now in a perfect world I would never have to write an article arguing against this but the people of America and their “oblivion” seem to never surprise me. CBD is not a cure or treatment for Coronavirus. If you want to educate yourself on the subject and begin policing stupid Facebook posts claiming so, here is a shit load of information.

Coronavirus America

Smoke A Joint And Chill Out

I feel like I get an anxiety attack every time I turn on the TV or go on Facebook. The never ending plethora of fake news, price gouging, and fear mongering. What better way to battle all that bullshit than to utilize the true benefits of cannabis; rolling a fat joint and chilling out.

You may not feel it now but the current situation will eventually take its toll on you. That’s why it is important to build a foundation of calmness and focus on building a strong character during this pandemic. Right now you have plenty of time to reflect on life, reflect on society, and begin making the right step towards being a better human.

Money will not protect you. Family may not be there. You never know if we will go through an apocalypse. That’s why you need to arm yourself with the best tool in the world: mental stableness. It will help you make better decisions, it will help you adapt to situations, and it will be the driving force on how you persevere during the crisis.

So from one stoner to another…just be a decent human being.

Coronavirus America