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Cannabis Employment: 3 Awesome Jobs You Should Consider

Did you ever dream about working in the cannabis industry? If you did, then now is the time. According to US employment statistics, cannabis employment is on the rise and is expected to climb nearly 40% by the end of 2020, surpassing computer programmers.

cannabis employment

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“Cannabis employment is growing at a faster rate than any other job in the United States”.

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Budtender –

Instead of serving drinks to alcoholics you can now serve marijuana to connoisseurs. How cool does that sound? Move over cool hipster barista, the budtender is in town! In all seriousness, the pay can be absolutely great. According to High Times, the average salary of a budtender in the United States right now is $41,000. Not bad for working with cannabis, getting discounts on cannabis products, and collecting the occasional tip from a customer.

cool budtender

Cannabis Marketer

Cannabis marketing is a tricky one, trust us, we should know. Traditional advertising avenues like Google and Facebook, prohibit cannabis companies from advertising on their platforms. Despite cannabis/CBD being legal in many of the states, advertising it seems to be lagging behind. This is what makes cannabis marketers extremely in high demand; they have the super powers to drive traffic and bring sales without being reliant on traditional platforms.

There aren’t any precedents set when considering the salary of a cannabis marketer. The industry is brand new online and companies are paying marketers in many different ways; salaries, commissions on sales, equity, and more.

From our experience working in this industry, cannabis marketers can easily make six figures. So if you are thinking of starting a new venture and possess great marketing skills, give cannabis marketing a thought.

cannabis marketing
cannabis marketer

Cannabis Delivery Driver

No, we are not crazy. Just checkout Indeed and you will see for yourself. Weed delivery jobs ranging from $17-26 an hour. Now if you are thinking like we are, you can also drive for Uber at the same time at stack your income. If you are thinking of getting into the cannabis employment industry one foot at a time, we recommend giving this a go.

Cannabis Employment: 3 Awesome Jobs You Should Consider 1
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