• 2 years ago

Best 5 Songs To Listen When Go High With Weed Joint CBD

Weed Joint CBD

Doesn’t matter how old you are or what your taste in music is, here are the 5 best songs to listen to when high. So light up a joint, put on those millennial air-pods and appreciate the music.

1. Van Morrison – Moon Dance (with Weed Joint CBD)

One of music’s true originals, Sir Van Morrison’s unique and incredible voice is the perfect blend for a glass of wine and a joint.

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2. The XX – Crystalized

Hands down one of the most underrated bands in this generation. We guarantee you’ve heard these songs somewhere. Either in a commercial or in a movie, check out this scene from Project X. If you like indie electronic music then we highly recommend checking out their WHOLE album.

3. Tom Odell – Another Love

Where are all our EDM fans at? This is a song you listen to when you are definitely high. Acid, mushrooms, cannabis, it doesn’t matter. You will love this song. Hands down one of the best songs to listen to when high.

4. Johnathen Bree- You’re So Cool

I stumbled upon this song incredibly high and drunk and I fell in love with it. The 60’s vibe, the fucking insane video, and the dude dancing in leotards (my spirit animal). It’s absolutely amazing how everything comes together and you should definitely listen and WATCH this video high.

5. Fredo – Freddy

Let’s pick it up a bit. I discovered this song watching Drake’s Top Boy on Netflix. It’s perfect for our gym goers who like to smoke it up and work out. It gets you amped up and ready to go.