• 2 years ago

U.S Congress Approves The Use Of CBD For Military!

Congress, the house of representatives in the U.S has recently passed a bill under which the use of CBD for military personnel has been allowed officially.

This measure is going to allow the U.S military members and the veterans to consume hemp-based CBD derived products having THC value not more than 0.3% meeting the federal legal definition of hemp.

Cbd For Us Military

This bill was moved and led by a military veteran Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) and was approved in this house on 20th of July 2020 getting 336 total votes from the house.

Gabbard’s amendment states: “The Secretary of Defense may not prohibit, on the basis of a product containing hemp or any ingredient derived from hemp, the possession, use, or consumption of such product by a member of the Armed Forces.”

When Military Would Be Able To Use CBD Legally?

Once the bill is passed by the senate too!

The hemp-based CBD products would be consumable for the U.S military members and the veterans.

This will allow the members of the U.S military to use a much healthier alternative versus the existing standard opiates for the pain, anxiety, depression etc.

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Keeping in mind that the existing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) has a lot of side effects.

Is CBD Really Effective For The Military Personnel?

The CBD industry is well-known with the name of two civil-military personnel Dave Metzler and Zak Garcia, as seen in the picture below.

Cbd Advocates

They both co-founded the CBD Capital Group right after they experienced the magical outcomes of CBD.

CBD changed our lives when we switched from the standard PSTD over to the hemp-based products for our regular medications, they said.

They are now also guiding young entrepreneurs to expand the industry and provide CBD products to those in need!

So, it is more likely that the hemp-based CBD products might become an official part of the dispensary of the U.S military very soon.