• 2 years ago

These 5 WORST Joints Ever Rolled in The Life That You Know

Rolling a joint that pulls smoothly and doesn’t canoe is an art. And as with any art form, there are those who excel and those who fail miserably. Here is a list of the top 5 worst joints ever rolled!

1. “Come on bro let me roll the joint!”

Close Up Of Male Hand Rolling Hashish Joint
Close up of male hand rolling hashish joint

We all know that one person who is always insisting they roll the joint then produces shit like this. As funny as it is it just sucks that you have to cut the joint open and re-roll it again. Just a PSA for all those novice rollers…let the experienced ones roll!

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2. What the Fuck is Going On?

WORST Joints Ever Rolled

Judging by the fresh pack of Raw papers in the background, i’m going to assume that this is a ‘first timer roll’ and the person who rolled it was blind and had lost all feelings in their hands. This is definitely one of the worst joints ever rolled.

3. The Canoe is Sinking

WORST Joints Ever Rolled

Being able to roll a joint is one thing but perfecting the art of rolling a joint that doesn’t ‘canoe’ is another thing. In this image above you can clearly see how your joint should NEVER look like.

4. Don’t Roll Donkey Dicks

WORST Joints Ever Rolled

Do you see the total dissatisfaction on those innocent faces in the background? That’s what you get when you roll a donkey-dick joint. What’s new to me is the duct tape, I do not know what is going on but i’m guessing they are somewhere high up in the mountains with limited resources. By far one of the worst joints ever rolled just because of the utter disappointment in the background.

So what is a donkey-dick joint? It’s when the weight at the top of the joint collapses resulting in a joint looking like a donkey dick.

5. The ‘Baby Dick’ Roll

Roll 02

As a transgender who identifies as a dolphin, I hope it doesn’t sound sexiest when I say that this is the typical “my girlfriend wanted to roll” joint. Short, stubby, and photographed for Instagram, the baby dick roll is most common among novice weed-consuming females who are giving it their best.

Kudos to them.