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The Global Cannabis Summit (June 27-29):You Need To Know!

The greatest digital Cannabis conference of 2020 is about to be held entitled as “Global Cannabis Summit”.

This summit is going to be featured with the experts and influencers who will be gathering for a three-day experience i.e. June 27-29.

Global Cannabis Summit 2020

The attendees are claiming it to be the ultimate cannabis event!

Global Cannabis Summit: Need Of The Hour!

The COVID-19 breakout has brought really tough times for all the nations around the globe. In this pandemic, some people have an aim to change the tensed environment by carrying out this ultimate global cannabis summit.

Most of the events around the globe have been cancelled worldwide but the board of directors of Global Cannabis Summit 2020 has decided to play their parts for evolving the Cannabis world in the following areas:

  • Consumption
  • Agricultural Technologies
  • Business Practices
  • Evolution of Cannabis Regulation

This summit is said to be the world’s biggest digital conference!

They said that Cannabis has the power to reunite everyone and help recover the devastated economy of the globe.

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The global cannabis summit 2020 is going to be featured with young entrepreneurs, enthusiast consumers, cannabis experts and leader from the industry.

Without taking lengthy flights and getting outside from home!

To get this conference done digitally a virtual platform has been developed and integrated with some of the newest technologies where people around the globe can participate in the conference, attend workshops and interact with the corporate world.

One of the official representative from the Global Cannabis Summit stated:

77% of the people we have invited said, the digital conference would be ‘better’ or ‘way better’ than physical events on 2020, because the world will still be partly isolated when coronavirus is gone, and this is a great way to reunite the global cannabis community!