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7 Crazy Differences Between Male and Female Weed Plants

Have you ever found a seed in your stash of weed?

Learn the differences between male and female weed plants. This article will show you the characteristics each sex carries and how to visually tell them apart.

Male and female weed plants
field with cannabis on a background of the sky with clouds. marijuana bush at sunset

Yes, you heard it right! Weed plants have sexes too and today we’re going to dive into the difference between male and female weed plants. 

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As you can see, weed has evolved in the past few years because humans have used it recreationally and medically to indulge in the effects of weed. So a form of mixing needed to be done in order to get that perfect high. Many people mix different types of strains together in order to achieve a hybrid of flavours. 

Each weed has its own characteristic and personality that creates its own original strain. This can easily be distinguished between weed plants. That’s why when you go to pick your weed bud, you’ll see that there over 100 + strains of weed. 

male and female weed plants
Queen of Soul: A Sativa Queen with Indica Weed Plant Strain

Next time you have a bud, take a look at its composition, structure, type of bud, flavour, smell, high, and you’ll see how each weed varies from one another. 

However, when you combine weed plant that is male and female from two different strains a whole new creation can be born …This allows for a new plant to be introduced and tasted. 

Over the years of experimenting with weed combinations, the biggest evolution has become apparent in the appearance of feminized weed plants. 

Due to years of yielding weed plants, it is now possible to have  higher chance (99%) for it to be a female.

So why is it important to have a female weed plant?

The female weed plant has all the psychoactive nutrients that we seek when we get high, that’s why it’s important to know the difference in your weed plant’s sex. 

Male plants are only used for pollination, they fill the female plants with seeds. It’s important to keep them separate if you want to make the most of your yielding. 

Let’s Dive In: The Male Weed Plant

It’s important to have male weed plants because they produce pollen which is essential for weed reproduction. This is the only way seeds can occur, when male weed plants are in the mix. 

If you decide to grow your own weed farm and want to create your own seeds, you will need male weed plants. 

However, if you decide to grow regular weed plants and want to harvest the flowers, get rid of the male weed plants ASAP!

Male Pollen Sacs Cannabis Sm
weed plant that is a male, it has pollen sac

How Can You Tell What is Male Weed Plant?

Male weed plants actually grow balls! The proper term for them is “pollen sac.”

These balls open up and let their pollen out, which ends up looking like a bunch of small flowers inside the ball shape. 

Get rid of the balls right away before they open, because if they manage to release their pollen, then you waited too long. Usually takes 3 weeks for the weed balls to burst. 

Get to the Juicy Stuff: How To Tell If It’s a Female Weed Plant

Everyone knows that the female weed plant is what we want. This is where all the THC is found. 

The female weed’s flower part doesn’t fully close, instead it’s open and it produces little hairs called pistils. 

It’s super easy to distinguish, so don’t worry! It’s the first thing these female weed plants produce, their pistils…The male weed plants have none of that. 

Yes, if you stress out your weed plants they can turn into Hermaphrodites. 

Both female and male plants can become Hermaphrodite weed plants when there’s too much sun, or too much water, or lack of nutrients, etc… Be careful on how you treat your weed plants. 

Hermaphrodite weed plants are a risk because they can essentially pollinate your whole process and you’ll end up with no weed. We recommended to get rid of them asap. 

Therefore, it’s good to always know the difference of your weed plants in order to yield the highest amount of weed. 

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