• 2 years ago

Week 2: The Best Netflix Movie to Watch High With Cannabis

There is nothing better than lighting up a joint while sinking into the back of a comfy couch and watching your favorite Netflix movie with cannabis. But sometimes finding that perfect movie leads to a 30 minute expedition and who the hell has time for that?. So we decided to create this page to share with you every week The Best Netflix Movie to Watch High.


Holy shit. That’s the best way to describe this documentary. From being the most viral story in 2017 to millions of dollars of corruption and fraud, this documentary is absolutely mind-blowing.

with cannabis, The Best Netflix Movie to Watch High

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What to smoke?

Before we dive into what to smoke it may be a good idea to first be covering what you’ll eat. I recommend the McGangbang because it’s so damn delicious, fast, and cheap.

I smoked 1 gram of Tom Ford Pink Kush from a local Toronto dispensary. It was a compact and smelly Indica with 26% THC. The heavy hitting Indica put me right in the feels and I found myself glued to the screen.

You can find Capernaum on Netflix depending on your location. If you aren’t savvy enough to find it illegally on the internet, you can always download Nord VPN and mask your country and access the movie on Netflix.

Be sure to check in every week as we share the best movie to watch on Netflix high.