• 2 years ago

New Cafe Opens Up Of CBD Products Selling in Hong Kong

A new cafe has just opened up in in the territory of Hong Kong.

The name of this cafe is “Found Cafe” and it has become a fire part of the discussion for the last few days.

Found Cafe Hong Kong

The reason for being talked a lot is this cafe is exclusively serving CBD products in its menu.

Found Cafe is said to be the first-ever Cafe in the history of Hong Kong which is serving food, drinks, range of coffee, biscuits, beer and other products infused with Cannabis.

What kind of products can Hong Kong have?

The founder of the Cafe Fiachra Mullen said, “Hong Kong is actually one of Asia’s most progressive cannabinoid markets”.

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None of the products contains THC at any extent, he said.

Due to this, the cafe was allowed to serve and sell CBD products having therapeutic effects.

Found Cafe Cbd Cookies Hong Kong

Also, CBD is legal in Hong Kong if and only if it contains 0% trace of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – the compound responsible for having psychoactive nature.

Found Cafe doesn’t have the permission to sell freshly-made products prepared from CBD but only the packaged products that are pre-authorized by the local food and drug administration.


It is expected that this cafe would be fully operational by October 2020 and will be having an increased range of Cannabis infused products in their menu.

CBD users around the globe are expecting the same to happen, till then you can order CBD products at your own and enjoy the therapy! 🙂