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Life Changing Experiences with CBD

Learn from the Best CBD lovers and Contributors

Cannabis also teach life changing experiences. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of several dozen active compounds found in cannabis. CBD’s popular brother, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is the compound that’s associated with Marijuana’s “high” effects. Psychoactive effects in CBD are zero.

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The first question which strikes in mind when we hear CBD is, “Can CBD change our lives?”
It’s hard to believe, but the answer is Yes. CBD can definitely change lives. Hundreds of thousands of people started consuming CBD Products, and they acknowledge the power of CBD.

Below are a few real-life examples of CBD lovers who are sharing their incredible experiences.


Stacey Williams

My 1st experience with Cannabis was very incredible to say the least I was very HIGH, and laughing at any and anything. Once I started getting used to consuming the Cannabis I started trying different types of THC, me and my best-friend tried consuming Cannabis and dabbing wax on the inside and outside of a cigarillo with kief covering the dabbing wax, Many would called these a Dankwood we made our own without knowing it.

My first experience with CBD was when I visited Mr. Nice Guys and I thought I was buying THC, and the store only sold CBD products so I would consume the CBD product when I have a headache or a sharp back pain and it worked every time I didn’t think it would take the pain away like it did but it worked.

Adrianna Coican

Around 5 years ago, I was dealing with major changes in my life, my parents were divorcing, my sisters and I had zero to no relationship, my college classes were becoming more challenging, I was dealing with health issues regarding stress, and I honestly did not think things were going to get better around me.

Not to get into too much detail about certain life events, I developed crippling anxiety that started to ruin and run my life.


I was stressing myself out so much that I developed constant illnesses because the stress was weakening my immune system.

From the constant strep throats to waking up with body aches because I was so tense all the time, I knew that anxiety medication was an option, but I was hesitant in the fact I did not want to start medicating myself because I did not trust it and I was scared of it.

I even had surgery to help prevent myself from getting sick again. Around this time, the CBD and cannabis craze was growing, and I kept hearing that it does help anxiety.

I have tried edibles that people say they homemade themselves I have never felt anything until I made my own edible brownies, then I finally tried edibles from California every edible that I’ve tried has been amazing.

Last but not least my 1st experience with Vaping was when I moved to California I tried the wedding cake for my first one, and I loved that one the most overall the ones I have had.


Devyn King

Growing up in Alaska, we have to deal with a lot of repercussions from generational trauma caused by colonialism and oppression.

The dark winters and harsh colds make it difficult to manage mental health symptoms. I take anti-depressants, vitamins, and attend therapy regularly, but sometimes I experience anxiety that feels like impending doom.

A couple of years ago, a specific product changed my life; CBD! I began smoking CBD flower with a low THC and high CBD percentage.The CBD calmed my breathing, my heart was beating less and I felt like I could finally relax. Today, I try to incorporate CBD into everything I do. I make CBD sugar scrubs for exfoliation which helps with inflammation on my skin and I drop some CBD liquid under my tongue at night to sleep like an angel.

I recommend anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and more to try CBD.

Ashton Youmans

I haven’t been an advocate for cannabis for very long, maybe about 3 years, but I can confidently say that using weed and CBD products has changed my perspective about a lot of things. I suffer from anxiety and depression that often makes it difficult to go about my day with a clear head.

“Going with the flow” of things has not come easily to me in my life as a young adult. Smoking (which is my method of choice) has made all of that much easier for me.


I don’t think CBD is something that will solve these kinds of problems alone, because ultimately if you are depressed or anxious, there is likely something else going on in your head that requires professional help. Marijuana can be an incredibly useful tool alongside said professional help.

I also think since I started smoking weed regularly, working out and taking care of myself has become a lot easier. I have more energy and a clearer head; it becomes easier for me to prioritize certain tasks or chores that I need to get done, that otherwise would sometimes be half-assed.


Tashianna Shannon

I’ve been a cannabis lover for over 6 years. It helped me with my medical problems such as fibromyalgia and my anxiety depression and a couple other things so being legally able to use medical marijuana had changed my life.

Not only everything in my family but also that being said I am a mother and a wife and five children of five children and a fur baby between the ages four to fourteen.

I have to have be very active in life and being in chronic pain and also having anxiety and depression does a lot to a person but with the use of the Cannabis products I am now able to do things that my children didn’t think I can do for example play basketball ,WWE moves and help out around the house while being able to function without the mental breakdowns or side effects from different pills and it allows me to know exactly where and what I’m putting in my body.

Without cannabis I probably went crazy a long time ago LOL. My view is there are different types of cannabis for different things with the proper education about it you can help more than what people may know. And I’m ready to let it be known. And for the record I am a cannabis super mom but only when I ‘ve had my cannabis.

Josh Sirota

Cannabis hasn’t always been in style. Rising up from being a drug only obtainable via street corners to literally being able to legally buy high-quality products from a reputable seller is one of the biggest wins we’ve seen in a while.

This doesn’t include the fact that you can buy many CBD products in places like gas stations and even stores and supermarkets. And although this may only currently apply to some states, cannabis has come a long way.


And although most users these days may see benefits from the recreational side, the medicinal benefits are an overlooked and vital part of why legalization is such a big win. Besides the physical benefits that CBD has regarding pain relief, the mental benefits including reduction of anxiety and depression make this a very useful product.

Unlike its psychoactive brother THC, the medicinal benefits of CBD can be a great and sensible alternative to other medications with side effects. We are just opening the door on these opportunities, and many more may make themselves apparent as we understand cannabis further.

There are many people who share the belief that marijuana should have been legalized long ago. And while for the most part I agree, I think that we are at a stage in society where we can actually accept the reality of this very useful and medicinal plant into our lives.

We have technology that allows us to understand and benefit from cannabis even more than we might’ve twenty years ago. The use of marijuana in both CBD and THC formats in my life has been beneficial in many ways. From boosting my creativity and sociability, to easing anxiety and depression, to just having a good time it has always been a great help.

The more people who accept and understand the value of cannabis, the more people can benefit from its use. Like with anything, it all just comes down to using it responsibly and educating users to allow for safe and beneficial use.


Sarah Lukasiewicz

In a stressful world most of us are willing to try anything to relax! In my experience I have found Incredibles! They have a wide range of edibles from tasty chocolate bars, mints, tarts and gummies.

With flavors such as Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Budda Buddha, Watermelon Smash and Strahhberry how can you choose? Well what are you looking for? For me I want relaxation on my mind and the tension of my muscles to melt away.

So with a relaxed mind and soothed muscles I can report the Strahhberry Gummies are the winner for me! They offer a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC which is a balanced dose to reach an amazing level of unwind.Their ingredients have nothing to hide and the taste is fantastic! I have found these little gems had me very relaxed, they stimulated my mind, I did have the munchies, and I slept like a baby! I’ve also taken these before going out with friends and found them to be very helpful with anxiety.

The results may vary, but I have found them to be a new best friend for a variety of people! Things to also think about with eating any type of edible, CBD, THC, or BOTH is if you’re eating them on an empty stomach or after a meal?

And are you having alcohol before or during the duration of your smooth, amazing, bliss!? I personally find that if I have an empty stomach it hits me a little harder, faster and doesn’t last more then 2 hours! Then taking a gummy after a meal. But if you take it after a meal depending on the size of the meal it can take longer till it hits you.

So if you want to take it before bed to help you sleep consider taking them with the meal! It’s totally a preference! Also note that the duration of your relaxing ride will last about 2-4 hours! I’m really in love with these! I do really like the fact that more and more companies are starting to do the 1:1 ratios! It’s just more bang for your buck! The Incredible Strahhberry’s are priced at most dispensaries at $37 for a 1.06 OZ bag! Sounds good to me!

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” — Walter Hagen