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5 Wild Ways To Consume Your Cannabis Products immediately

I consume cannabis so often that I tend to get bored with my tools and methods. In my experience, since the wonder plant has become more widely accepted, I’ve encountered many interesting ways to get your ideal dosage into your blood stream.

It could be the Gemini in me that inspires a new and exciting way to ingest my medicine but I enjoy experiencing the different highs from different routes, too! The route you choose can affect the type of high you experience. For example, eating an edible will result in a longer, more of a body high than smoking.

So, an edible may be more fitting for an all-day outing at a theme park or on a day you’d like to give your lungs a rest.

Read below on the top 5 wild ways to consume cannabis.

consume cannabis

#1 Take a bath and get high.

I was surprised to find that merely soaking in a hot bath with some cannabis infused bath soaking salts would not only relax you but also get you higher than the stars! How this works is basically the hot water opens up your pores to allow for the THC and CBD chemicals to be absorbed into your skin and flow through your veins.

This route of consuming takes your night cap to a whole other level creating the ultimate “me time” pastime. Toss a little Epsom salt in there for added muscle relaxation and what a bubble bath!

Cannabis bath bombs

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#2 Tampons. We are 100% serious.

Another route that is becoming more conventional is ingesting cannabis via tampons. I think I speak for many women when I say, as cringy as this method may sound to some, it sounds like absolute heaven for those who encounter a very painful time month in and month out!

If only I could describe what it must feel like to take that stress melting high and unleash it’s best attack on your angry woman parts. I suppose you could compare it to the world’s best massage therapist working out the absolute worst muscle knots you’ve ever felt! That same feeling you get once the cannabis kisses your soul on a stressful and tense day. Pure relaxation and definitely a wild way to consume cannabis.

5 Wild Ways To Consume Your Cannabis Products immediately 1
there are many brands in the usa selling cannabis tampons

#3 For good breath and good highs.

I think I was in middle school when we all started bringing those “Listerine Pocket Packs” in. They were those cool, dissolvable strips that left your breath smelling like you JUST brushed. You discreetly kept the tiny package in your pocket and slid out a strip at your leisure. Sometimes the heat melted them together but you would just double up and be extra fresh lol imagine taking your cannabis this way!

Whenever you needed that relief or just a feel-good moment, whip out the tiny container and slide your weed strip under your tongue. Then, BOOM! Ten minutes later you’re high. The membranes in your mouth (much like other soft tissues on your body) absorb the chemicals into your bloodstream rather quickly. This high can be compared more to a smoking high versus an edible high. They’re small but they pack a punch!

5 Wild Ways To Consume Your Cannabis Products immediately 2
this is supposedly the fastest way to get high. taking thc slips orally.

#4 Hot and sticky. Just how we like it.

This one tends to lean more towards the women (depending on where the men are willing to place it on their own bodies) but cannabis infused lube! It may make you feel high if ingesting a THC infused lube versus a CBD infused lube.

This method boasts benefits of increased libido, more intense climaxes paired with more orgasms. It enhances versus acting as a supplement. You’ll want to give women 15, 30 minutes to an hour to begin feeling the effects! This is definitely a lot more “steamier” way to consume cannabis.

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5 Wild Ways To Consume Your Cannabis Products immediately 3

#5 Good ol’ southern style

I‘m from the south where I can see this one selling like it was going out of style: Cannabis dips. If you aren’t familiar with Tobacco dip, it’s a substance you place between your lip and your teeth. You leave it there for the chemicals like Nicotine to be absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s like a cigarette without all of the smoke and fire. The cannabis dip harnesses the same concept but with marijuana.

You place the concoction in your mouth for the medicine to be absorbed. With Tobacco, people need to spit the excess saliva and it can get pretty gross, pretty quick. Many of the cannabis dips eliminate this issue by keeping the contents contained in a mesh sack and eliminating a nasty, brown spitting habit

5 Wild Ways To Consume Your Cannabis Products immediately 4
not just for jocks and baseball players!

These are only a few of the most unorthodox ways to ingest your Mary. As time progresses and the plant becomes more widely accepted, we are able to perform more studies in order to ensure the safe and effective ways to switch up our cannabis intake.

I always found all of the different ways our bodies interact with the medicine to be so captivating! Keep your eyes peeled because there are way more in rotation!