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Do Your Pet & Wallet a Favor: Try Natural CBD Oil

befor using CBD oil, I remember the first time bringing my sweet Lola into the veterinarian. It was a mucky and humid Sunday morning and as I began my morning routine of watering my plants and making coffee; I could see Lola rolling on the ground in discomfort.

My initial thought was that a spider or bug had bitten her but after her discomfort turned into what seemed to be a half hour of whimpering agony, I thought it would be best to bring her to the vet.

After a 20 minute check up and a few questions, the veterinarian turned to me and said “Lola is showing signs of anxiety”. I remember my initial reaction being WTF? Dogs can have anxiety like us humans? But nothing was more shocking than the $3,200 annual medication cost it would take to keep Lola “in better spirits”.


$3,200. Money I didn’t have.

As a broke student living in a rented room the size of your washroom, spending $3,200 on medicine to take care of my dogs anxiety was simply out of the question. It wasn’t because I had better things to spend my money on, Lola is by the way my one and true love, but because I did not have the money.

I remember speaking to my dad about Lola’s anxiety and the cost of medicine and feeling like absolute shit. He offered to help me with monthly installment (he is a retired custodian who makes no money) but I rejected. I wasn’t going to raid my dads depleted bank account. My mom did that already….when she left him.

I can honestly say that in moments when your back is up against the wall and you have very little options left, this is when you prevail. Searching online for alternatives to treat Lola’s anxiety lead me on a wild goose hunt. I bulldozed through hundreds of articles. From Instagram dog blogs to doctor recommended treatments, it seemed like the #1 alternative everyone kept pointing to was CBD.

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An angel disguised as oil.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard of CBD. It’s America’s fastest growing medical industry and it’s been scientifically proven to treat an array of issues like: anxiety, depression, body pain, inflammation, joint pain/arthritis and more.

What made CBD stand out for me most wasn’t just the cost but the CBD ingredients. It’s absolutely natural and isn’t filled with the filler synthetic bullshit big pharmaceutical companies put in your pet food and medicine.

The average size CBD bottle can last up to 60 days (given you are treating your pet every single day) and it only costs $89. Compare that with a veterinarian recommended treatment, you are literally saving over 80%.


I took the plunge and i’m happy.

I didn’t have much time to make a decision. I either had to find money I didn’t have to pay for Lola’s treatment or take the plunge and try CBD to treat her anxiety. So I did what every other broke student would do, I took the plunge!

I ordered from Four Paws CBD because they were recommended by a lot of blogs online and they specialize in pet CBD, nothing else. They also focus on 1-2 products at a time and don’t try to over sell or push one million different sku’s down your throat (email inbox lol)

It cost me $79 (including shipping) and the medicine arrived in less than 3 days. Here are some quick results:

  • Lola’s whimpering literally stopped the first night I gave her the CBD oil
  • She absolutely loves the taste and is looking forward to taking it everyday
  • There are NO side effects. Just a very happy dog who can live easier now
  • After 3 months of taking the CBD. Results are great and consistent.

Do yourself a favor and try CBD oil

Saving money is a good feeling but saving money on medicine is an even greater feeling. Sometimes I wish I could camp outside my veterinarian’s office with a megaphone and let people know who are coming in and out about CBD oil. The experience has honestly been that amazing.

It’s not that vets suck but they are in the business of making money and even if they had a miracle medicine to treat your dog, they would 100% refuse to do so if they did not make a good markup on it. That’s how the entire medical industry works.

That’s why I strongly recommend any pet owner to try CBD oil. There is no risk and it’s 100% natural. It’s also affordable, so you might as well TRY it before diving into the money sucking industry of vets.

The good folks at Four Paws know that I am writing a blog on them and have agreed to give ALL readers a 25% discount on CBD oil. Just click the button below and put [eyetoke] into the coupon box and claim your 25% discount!