• 2 years ago

COVID cases surpassed the number of 3 million in the USA!

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the COVID cases has been drastically increasing around the globe followed by hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Doctor Holding Covid 19 Card

According to the latest report by BBC, the tally of COVID-19 cases in the States has passed the number of literal 3 million.

This is quite alarming!

Till date, over 131,000 deaths have also been reported occurred due to the outbreak of COVID.

Last Tuesday, dated 7th July the US broke all its previous records for the number of cases tested and reported positive per day.

What the US government is doing for controlling COVID?

Despite the claims being made by the president and the vice-president that things have been under control, the truth is that they aren’t!

Over 60,000 new cases were reported on Tuesday breaking the previous record of the most cases being recorded in a single day.

Here shows the number of daily cases and deaths in the US.


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Here are the hotspots in the US that are being hit by the COVID these days.

Covid Cases

The health professionals in the country are saying the gathering, protests, rallies happened in the last month most likely contributed the most in increasing the number of cases and casualties.

To avoid the spread of coronavirus please stay at homes, stay safe and keep everyone safe in your family, in your nation!