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Is CBD Legal In the U.S? State Guide For CBD Business 2020!

The question “is CBD oil legal in U.S?” has eventually become an ultimate word of mouth throughout the states.

In CBD business, Every other individual has been witnessed searching and seeking for the legalities of CBD in his/her’s state.

One thing is for sure and understood that CBD does not make you high and that the health benefits of CBD oil are placing their popularity by every passing day!

Is Cbd Oil Legal

Unlike the weed and marijuana, CBD is an extract coming right away from the plant of Cannabis which is known for being a non-psychoactive compound as compared to the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) traces found highly in marijuana and weed.

We personally have gone through from a lot of queries and our mailbox is mostly flooded with a recurrent question that “is CBD oil legal” in my state?

We really appreciate your effort of taking out time and putting your trust over our write-ups and following us as an authentic source for being a Cannabis lifestyle blog. ❤️

But the truth is that sometimes it gets really hard for our team to reply each and every single email especially when it is about the same query i.e. is CBD oil legal? 🙁

After receiving a lot of redundant requests we have finally decided to provide you with an ultimate state-by-state guide which depicts the legality of CBD being legal, illegal or restricted in your state!

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Is CBD Oil Legal in your state? Find your status below (CBD Business)

Before diving into the details you must know that according to the law of the United States it is a must that CBD should be allowed on both federal and state-level in order to get a “legal” status.

As per the Farm Bill 2018 passed by the U.S government on the federal level. The production and sale of Hemp or any other Cannabis plant including CBD are allowed in a state if and only if the THC level is below 0.3%.

Only with that composition things can get legalized with the sale and purchase of CBD!

There are mainly four types of states marked differently with respect to the legality of CBD and it’s related products.

  • Green
  • Amber
  • Amber-Red
  • Red
Is Cbd Oil Legal


Green states are the one where marijuana and its derived product are legalized for both medical and recreational purpose having said that you meet the age requirements for its usage.


The states where marijuana and the use of CBD oil is legal only for medical purpose. You need to have a medical prescription for purchasing it in the Amber states.


The state which does not allows the use of marijuana at any level except for the CBD products that could be used for a very specific purpose.

And the CBD products or CBD oil coming only from the hemp plant (not marijuana).


The state which does not even allow the sale and purchase of CBD products at any level!

List Of States With The CBD Legal Status

Here’s a list of 50+ states with the legal status of CBD oil and CBD products in that specific state. Thankful to the World Population Review for compiling up a list of these CBD legal states.

S. NoStateCBD Legal Status
2.Alaska Fully Legal
3.ArizonaFully Legal
4.ArkansasFully Legal
5.CaliforniaFully Legal
6.ColoradoFully Legal
7.ConnecticutFully Legal
8.DelawareFully Legal
9.District of ColumbiaFully Legal
10.FloridaFully Legal
12.HawaiiFully Legal
13.Idaho Fully Illegal
14.IllinoisFully Legal
19.LouisianaFully Legal
20.MaineFully Legal
21. MarylandFully Legal
22.MassachusettsFully Legal
23.MichiganFully Legal
24.MinnesotaFully Legal
26.MissouriFully Legal
27.MontanaFully Legal
28.NebraskaFully Illegal
29.NevadaFully Legal
30.New HampshireFully Legal
31.New JerseyFully Legal
32.New MexicoFully Legal
33.New YorkFully Legal
34.North CarolinaRestricted
35.North DakotaFully Legal
36.OhioFully Legal
37.OklahomaFully Legal
38.OregonFully Legal
39.PennsylvaniaFully Legal
40.Rhode IslandFully Legal
41.South CarolinaRestricted
42.South DakotaFully Illegal
45.UtahFully Legal
46.VermontFully Legal
48.WashingtonFully Legal
49.West VirginiaFully Legal

Now you finally know whether is CBD oil legal in your state or not, isn’t it? 🙂

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