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CBD Dosage: 3 Things To Consider For Your Dose! For CBD Lover

Since the CBD industry is so new, most of the users are always found confused regarding the CBD dosage!

Even if you are a newbie or an experienced user of CBD. The ratio and equation of the CBD dosage have still been confusion among all.

Cbd Dosage 1

You might found a lot of online articles related to the dosage of CBD but mostly none of them are worthy or carries a handful of useful information.

That is because the FDA has not proposed any scale regarding the CBD dosage on the official website which could guide us the right way.

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Since CBD doesn’t have any kind of official serving size consumers are blindly following the inauthentic dosage values given the product owners and the brand themselves.

There is no way to tell about the universal ration of a CBD dosage rather, it may vary on person-to-person.

On this account, here are some of the important factors on which a dose of CBD might depend upon.

  • The weight of an individual
  • The body chemistry of an individual
  • The concentration of the CBD
  • The intensity of the condition being treated with the CBD

Three Ways To Choose Your CBD Dosage

Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors we are proposing three things and kinda ways you should consider before taking a CBD dose.

Maintain Your Dose With Your Body Weight

A more body mass will require more CBD in value. With that being said, here is an ideal rule of thumb that you may take a good 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.

Cbd Dosage

This image which is suggested by an expert says it all about the use of CBD in ration to your body mass & weight.

For calculating the dose more accurately you can also use the Honest Marijuana’s Dosage Calculator!

Keep it slow and small

You need to first determine your initial dosage and start consuming it. Slowly and gradually increase the quantity of CBD while continuously monitoring your body’s reaction against the dose.

Keep increasing the value until you get the point where it works best for your situation.

Consult a physician

This nonetheless the best way to get a suitable dosage value for your body!

That is because your doctor knows you the best and he/she can propose the right value with the right proportion keeping your medical track record on the table.

A good physician would always know how to dose you with the CBD.


Hence, dosing your body with the CBD is a quite tricky thing. The above given three ways are so far the best ways to dose yourself and your body with the CBD and following this appropriately will surely going to prevent you from the excessive CBD dosage.

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