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5 Benefits Of Cannabis And CBD For Senior Citizens

A Guide to Using Cannabis and CBD for Seniors

Cannabis tends to be a topic that’s hush-hush around seniors. Stigma has gotten the best of them, or perhaps they simply haven’t thought about trying the herb beyond its hippie era in the ‘60s and ‘70s. But today, this plant is extremely effective for pain management and available without the high. 

Whether you’re starting out purchasing cannabis for your parent, or you’re a senior entering the exciting new world of cannabis consumption, using marijuana for baby boomers and seniors alike can be an enlightening experience. The concept of marijuana consumption is scary for a lot of parents, as their first thought is that they’re going to get absolutely stoned and lose control. But we’re past the days of Woodstock. 

Nowadays, you can choose exactly what effect you want, as well as pinpointing the dosage that works for your goals. Many seniors are using cannabis to heal their aches and ailments, with revolutionary products like CBD oil for pain, CBD gummies, and CBD capsules. Fortunately, the side effects of CBD are very minimal and much less noticeable than that of other medications and prescriptions. In this guide, we’re going to cover all you need to know about side effects, the best products on the market, and everything you need to self-educate.


If you want the pain relief without the high, CBD products are for you. Pain management and CBD are a match made in heaven, but you won’t get stoned. If you want a bit of a buzz, opt for a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. Your local budtender can guide you through the percentages of both in your chosen strain, and how it might affect you based on your lifestyle.

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This cannabinoid can also be used for appetite problems, insomnia, ADHD, joint pain, neurological problems and other disorders. When it comes to where to buy CBD, or how to use it, many seniors find themselves overwhelmed. We’re here to break down that process and provide useful information to help make that decision.

Forms of CBD


There are many types of CBD oil out there, but determining the quality is important. For instance, there are full-spectrum products as well as broad-spectrum ones. Full-spectrum extracts have very tiny amounts of  THC (under 0.3%) while broad-spectrum CBD oil often completely removes the THC. There aren’t many differences between the two, but these are the only high-quality options you should be looking at.

You want to find a pure oil, rather than a formula with lots of filler ingredients, or preservatives. This might cost more, but may allow you to consume a lower CBD dosage with better results. Some signs to look out for include “whole plant” extracts vs. Isolates, products grown in soil tested areas, and transparent test results.

CBD oil benefits include an increased sense of contentment, similar to meditation. For this reason, CBD oil for anxiety is a common treatment, especially if you’re looking to avoid prescription medications. 

Topical Cream

CBD hemp oil is usually most effective for pain management and anxiety when taken orally, but you can also find topical applications. However, the most popular topical CBD product is CBD cream for arthritis pain. These reduce pain and inflammation. The best CBD cream for arthritis pain should be based on dosage, quality, and source. You can figure out where to purchase with the following factors. It should be made with USA grown hemp, show third party testing, and verify it has been tested for pesticides or molds. Always check for the relief factor in reviews by customers online.

Determining dosage

CBD dosage in your CBD hemp oil or any other CBD products is important to pay attention to. You want to make sure the dosage is strong enough to impact the ailment or problem you are suffering from. This substance is not FDA regulated, so determining dosage can be trial and error.  You can start with 10-20mg daily, and increase week by week with an additional 5mg until you feel relief from symptoms. A sufficiently strong dosage should also inform where to source your tinctures, ultimately.

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Other forms of cannabis consumption

Edible: You can start with low doses here, and if you’re not comfortable smoking, this is the best way to start out. You can choose an edible depending on your goals. CBD gummies for pain are extremely effective, and delicious! If you don’t want to inhale anything, eat a couple of these, which will taste like normal candy. 

Vape: Using dry herb or oil, this creates a vapor rather than smoke, which can be inhaled more easily and discreetly. You can buy disposable vape pens, or one a reusable one that you purchase cartridges for.

Smoke: If you’re comfortable smoking, this is the most effective way to get some immediate relief and it can be done through a handheld pipe, a bong, or a joint.

Topical: If you want relief from sore muscles and joints but prefer not to get stoned, a topical treatment like the creams we mentioned above will be ideal for you.

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Getting away from cannabis’s bad rep

This plant is a beautiful natural gift that can vastly improve the quality of life. Due to legislation in North America, many have issues with seeing it as an illegal drug. But it’s simply a holistic plant that’s healthier for you than many Western prescription drugs which are used to treat similar symptoms. From topicals to oils, explore online, and see what products on the market might work for you.