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4 Important Things to Know About Nano CBD

nano cbd

Nano CBD or water-soluble CBD are not new terms in the CBD industry. As the CBD business continues to expand, many new CBD products are being developed. Nanotechnology is among the newest developments in the world of CBD.

CBD is cherished and criticized in equal measures. Some can swear by the CBD oil benefits, while others think that it’s just a hike.


Continue reading to learn what is nano CBD, what science says about it, and its benefits to users.

What is Nano CBD?

As with any other industry, technology plays a vital role in the making of CBD products. When shopping for CBD oil products, you might have come across nano-amplified CBD oil or nano hemp oil. Don’t worry if you have not; the CBD business of Eyetoke is here to guide you.

Nanotechnology is not new in the wellness industry. It is widely used in beauty products, medicine, biomaterials, and, now, in CBD.

Nanotechnology involves using extremely small things (usually less than 0.0000001 meters) to increase the bioavailability of CBD (the rate at which CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream to give the desired effect).

Several factors affect the bioavailability of CBD, including the method of consumption. Vaporization has the highest bioavailability rates, followed by the oral method of CBD consumption.

To find a sensible way to use CBD, some people are turning to nano CBD.

Nano CBD Vs. Regular CBD – Which Works Better?

4 Important Things to Know About Nano CBD 2

The CBD compound’s nature is the primary reason CBD manufacturers and consumers are interested in nano CBD. CBD is a hydrophobic molecule (meaning it is insoluble in water).

Hydrophobic aside, CBD and some other cannabinoids are lipophilic, meaning they dissolve in fats or lipids.

That means, when you take CBD (which is oily), a significant amount of CBD will not benefit you until when fully digested as your mouth and digestive tract are watery.

In the end, only a small amount of CBD will enter the bloodstream because a significant amount of CBD is not broken down into the bloodstream.

The case is entirely different when taking nano CBD (extremely small CBD particles) as they appear like a dissolved substance. This explains why some companies use the term “water-soluble CBD” when marketing nano CBD.

However, the truth is that nanotechnology delivers CBD as tiny particles – it does not lose its hydrophobic nature.

After all, your body can easily absorb nutrients from nano-cannabinoids (broken down CBD) than regular CBD. The main reason is that smaller CBD oil drops offer a large surface contact for the body enzymes and spongy tissues. This way, your body can absorb molecules quickly.

Besides offering a large surface area, nano CBD products contain penetration enhancers, including ethanol, propylene glycol, and other molecules that help coat tiny CBD oil drops.

As the name suggests, penetration enhancers will help boost the movement of CBD molecules across the skin.

Nano CBD – Are There Any Risks?

4 Important Things to Know About Nano CBD 3

No product is 100 percent perfect, and nano-enhanced CBD oils are not exceptional. The best nano CBD will give quicker results than regular CBD. However, keep the following things in mind when shopping for nano CBD products:


Propylene glycol and ethanol are among the chemicals found in nano CBD products. Every company will use a different product when developing nano products, and each chemical will have a different effect on your body.


Unfortunately, choosing the best nano CBD oil is not a walk in the park. As with any other famous product, the nano CBD world is filled with misinformation.

Beware of CBD companies that use language that you cannot understand, as they may be out to confuse unsuspecting buyers.

Nano CBD – Yes or Nay?

4 Important Things to Know About Nano CBD 4

There is no straight answer as to whether you should use nano CBD products or not. After all, this is a personal choice that is dependent on various factors.

Even so, here are some of the reasons that most people give for using nano CBD:

  • Other products are ineffective.
  • Want quicker results
  • Want to try new CBD products

If you have decided to try nano CBD, ensure to check the list of ingredients available. Avoid a company that does not include a list of ingredients on their products. Water and Hemp/CBD oil are the main ingredients in a nano CBD product.

For better results, choose a product using organic, high-quality, broad-spectrum hemp extract. Also, don’t forget to check out CBD offers for the best deals on prices.