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3 Tips on How to Unlock Meditative Manifestations & Mindfulness with Marijuana!

3 Tips on How to Unlock Meditative Manifestations & Mindfulness with Marijuana!
Find3 Tips on How to Unlock Meditative Manifestations

As time keeps progressing and the legalization of marijuana is being more accepted and shared on a mass conscious level – people are truly awakening to see the positive ailments marijuana possesses to the mind and body.

As you can tell, there is more of an open-mindedness, self-awareness that is taking over the globe. 

Herbal medicine is being re-introduced, shamanic practices are being brought into the Western routine, and marijuana use is being applied with mindfulness, meditations, and creating those manifestations. 

Marijuana and Mindfulness is Not a New Phenomenon!

Marijuana has been used recreationally and medically throughout history, there’s nothing new when it comes down to marijuana being used as a mindfulness tool. 

Marijuana has always been a sacred herb, a resource of infinite potential, especially to Native Americans. It was smoked in peace pipes as a tool of diplomacy and tribal meetings.  

3 Tips on How to Unlock Meditative Manifestations & Mindfulness with Marijuana! 2

Spiritual Side of Marijuana

Also, these peace pipes were used to intensify visions experienced during special ceremonies, as each pipe was distinct. It would hold its own meaning and name for every experience. Many personal stories show historically that marijuana was used to channel into meditation. 

3 Tips on How to Unlock Meditative Manifestations & Mindfulness with Marijuana!

You certainly don’t need any external additives to your daily meditations, considering meditations are the art of learning to quiet the mind and observe those passing thoughts and just be in the present moment. But, any stoner will tell you to always add a cherry on top of your activity – and you know what, they’re not wrong! Plus, as you can tell historically – marijuana has been a great helper in making those meditative visions become a reality.

Turns out that marijuana is the perfect enhancer to your daily meditations and creates those magical manifestations onto fruiting into your life. 

As we know marijuana has calming properties it helps reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and even depression. The Journal of Affective Disorders conducted a test to see the calming effects of marijuana and found that high CBD/low THC was best for reducing short-term depression. Low CBD/high THC was most effective for reducing stress, while any type worked on anxiety!

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Thus, we believe that marijuana is a great way to relax your nerves, get rid of the tension that you’ve been carrying and instead melt away into your visualization of meditation, of course with some

  • 1. Having a routine helps with setting intentions and seeing them grow from the discipline you provide. By adding marijuana buds to the herbs you use in your Love, Money, or Luck manifesting gives it an added boost of power. On the New Moon, many people choose to write out their intentions in a notebook. This is the perfect time to start visualizing the manifestations you want to happen, as it’s a new year – and new begginnings are right at your front door! Feel free to sprinkle marijuana crumbles or use entire buds into your journal for a personal touch. You can also draw a sigil (a symbol of your desired outcome) or write an intention on your rolling papers (with non-toxic ink) before you smoke. I find that many people practice this routine, of course with their own added flavour
  • 2. Map out a blueprint of what you want to achieve, see, experience in the next 3, 6, 12 months into the future. Get creative with your crayons, and gold filled papers. This helps with manifestations as it sets you on the right path. And when you go back to meditating, remember the blueprint you mapped out and give yourself a reminder that everything what is meant for you, will find you. Trust the process and let go!
  • 3. Always know that you’re being guided on the right path, of course don’t veer off too hard and remember to be real to yourself. Practice meditating, visualizing, making creative blueprints/journals of the journey you want to explore this year and let the rest unfold. Remember that even after planning an extensive list of elaborate achievements, some may happen and some may be even better than your expectations! It’s all about learning to trust the process and just enjoy the ride.

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Science Confirms It’s Best to Use Marijuana With Mindfulness 

There has been a strong scientific support of meditation being used as a coping mechanism that heals individuals inside out. 

We believe that by adding marijuana to the practice it can heighten the experience further by being able to connect with your inner subconscious thoughts. 

Research has shown long-term meditators exhibit “changes in the brain, and positive effects on empathy, meta-cognitive skills and health.” Exactly how meditation produces these effects is not completely understood, but these benefits correlate with decreased activity in the brain’s default mode network (DMN). Decreased activity in the DMN is suspected to signify a mind more at rest. 

That’s the key to finding mindfulness practice and being able to manifest your dreams – all about finding rest and being zen around the most tumultuous situations. 

We advise you to use it with caution, as everyone varies on their experience. 

Tuning Into Your Vibrations With Marijuana

Finding your vibration is key to being able to manifest, and the reason why marijuana is recommended for mindfulness it’s due to the fact that it gives a relaxed state of being to the individual who is consuming it. 

It helps you become more open to the perspective of the fourth dimension, the other portal of reality. Of course, be cautious of the consumption, as every person varies – start with micro-dosing and see how your body responds to this herb in your system.

Marijuana affects your spirituality by helping become more open to the perspective of the fourth dimension. The psychoactive components in marijuana are designed to help you transcend your current reality. 

When you consume marijuana, you will open a portal to a different reality; the reality in which common interactions are enhanced Sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, and extrasensory perception are all enhanced. This makes food taste better (got the munchies?), visuals appear more alive, heightened sexual experiences, and a nose that will track down your most desired scents. This is all completely dependent on the user’s intention to align with the cannabis frequency, one that requires permission to show you its beauty.